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Creating Synergies for Success. February 12, 2013. WRLC Partners. Established in 1987 by universities in the DC-metro area to provide cost-effective library & information services American University The Catholic University of America Gallaudet University George Mason University - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Creating Synergiesfor SuccessFebruary 12, 2013Creating Synergies for SuccessWRLC PartnersEstablished in 1987 by universities in the DC-metro area to provide cost-effective library & information servicesAmerican UniversityThe Catholic University of AmericaGallaudet UniversityGeorge Mason UniversityThe George Washington UniversityGeorgetown UniversityHoward UniversityMarymount UniversityThe University of the District of Columbia

Creating Synergies for SuccessWRLC Partners20 WRLC staff Over 550 library staffOver 110,000 studentsOver 9000 faculty

Creating Synergies for SuccessWRLC PartnersBoard of DirectorsProvosts, CIOs, CFOsLibrary Directors CouncilSteering CommitteeAdvisory CommitteesTask ForcesInterest GroupsCreating Synergies for SuccessVision & MissionVisionThe Washington Research Library Consortium will be a catalyst creating synergies among the partner universities to enable the success of learning and scholarship. MissionThe Washington Research Library Consortium is a collaborative partnership providing proactive and responsive, innovative, cost-effective access to shared information resources, services and expertise.

Creating Synergies for SuccessStrategic PrioritiesCreating coordinated collectionsCreating a robust infrastructure for discovery and accessEnsuring the long-term preservation of physical and digital information resourcesSharing expertise

Creating Synergies for SuccessCoordinated CollectionsCoordinated Collections

Discovery & Access

Discovery & AccessConsortium Loan ServiceOnline requesting of books and articles via shared catalog and discovery portals Daily delivery serviceFY12 CLS borrowing = 170,226 books (22%)At $67 replacement cost, $11,405,142At $28 ILL cost, $4,766,328Savings are greater than entire WRLC budget

Creating Synergies for Success

Preservation of ResourcesTotal capacity: 3M volumesTotal volumes: 1,841,156Total archival boxes: 41,600Annualized cost for shelving$12.8M in library$1.1M at WRLC

(Based on Courant & Nielsen; On the cost of keeping a book)Creating Synergies for Success

Preservation of ResourcesDigital Collections, 40 collections with 1000s of itemsAudio, books, manuscripts, newspapers, photosDrew Pearsons Washington Merry-Go-Round, 1932-1969Silent Worker, 1888-1929Treasure Chest of Fun & Fact, 1946-72Felix Grant radio interviews, 1961-85 Institutional Repository (IR)

Creating Synergies for SuccessSharing ExpertiseGovernance structureWRLC NewsletterGoToMeetingDirectory of ExpertiseEducational OpportunitiesScholarly CommunicationDisaster Preparedness and ResponseRegular Forums

Creating Synergies for SuccessShared Collections FacilityHarvard model high density storage systemLocated in Upper Marlboro, MDBegan operation in 1994Climate controlled 60 degrees, 50% humidityTwo 12,000 sq. foot modules at presentPlanning for a third module in progress

Creating Synergies for SuccessShared Collections FacilityAll materials recorded in Voyager ILSPatron initiated requests via OPAC or Discovery portalsLocally developed requests management systemConsortium Loan Service (CLS)12,011 requests for materials in the SCF filled in FY12 43% were scanned articles (35% of all articles filled within WRLC) Daily courier service to all partner universities

Creating Synergies for SuccessShared Copy PolicyNo print serial volume may be added if it duplicates a print serial volume already stored in the SCF. 4,881 shared titles since implementation in March 2009No print monograph may be added if more than two copies of the same edition are stored in the SCF. Implementation delayed due to difficulties in confirming duplicate status for monographs (and smaller level of duplication)

Creating Synergies for Success


Total: 9.9M recordsTotal bib recordsColumn1Total bib records

Sheet1Total bib recordsColumn1AU1,385,78013.99%CU831,6218.39%DC485,2724.90%GA368,3203.72%GM1,445,56514.59%GT2,610,43526.35%GW1,858,00018.75%HU671,7896.78%MU178,9971.81%Shared72,2190.73%9,907,998