Cloud computing in libraries, a case study

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This presentation was given at a cloud computing panel session at ALA on June 26, 2010


  • 1. Cloudy IT
    • the experience of a mid-sized library in moving IT services to the cloud

Erik Mitchell Assistant Director for Technology Services ZSR Library, Wake Forest University 2. Question

  • Should, how, why would you -
      • move IT infrastructure to the cloud?

3. Pathways

  • Service and goal assessment
  • Training
  • Planning and policy generation
  • Implementation
  • Marketing

4. Solutions { Service catalog Approach Systems SaaS OpenURL resolver, Stats manager, research guides, online reference PaaS Integrated library system, Interlibrary loan, copyright compliance systems IaaS Discovery, digital repository,archives management, website, digital storage, institutional repository 5. Current configuration Infrastructure, Server images, backup processes, monitoring, service deployment, code management Amazon EC2 Hosted end-point services, data subscriptions, 100% outsourced options SaaS Custom configurations, single purpose applications (ILS), proprietary systems PaaS Data archiving, system backups, file system operations Amazon S3 Server disks, application and data storage, platform for EC2 systems Amazon EBS 6. Service management install configure secure backup document deploy monitor administer upgrade remove Server images EC2 services 7. Interested in more?

  • Tech guides -
  • Amazon -
  • - server images, how-tos
  • Linux administration handbook - Evi Nemeth
  • The practice of system and network administration - Thomas Limoncelli
  • Google

8. Thanks

  • Erik Mitchell
  • Assistant director for technology services
  • Z. Smith Reynolds Library
  • Wake Forest University
  • [email_address]


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