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  • Cloud Computing Imranul Hoque
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  • Todays Cloud Computing
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  • This Talk What is cloud computing? Types of services What makes cloud computing popular? Case studies Amazon Web Services Eucalyptus
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  • Examples A credit card company A researcher running scientific computing experiments A web-based book store A social network startup
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  • Types of Service Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Amazon EC2, Go-Grid, Eucalyptus, etc. Software as a Service (SaaS) NetSuite (accounting), WorkDay (HR), etc. Platform as a Service (PaaS) Google AppEngine, Coghead, etc.
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  • Important Features The illusion of infinite computing resources available on demand The elimination of an up-front commitment by cloud users The ability to pay for use of computing resources on a short-term basis as needed Result: Convert capital expenditure to operational expenditure
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  • Amazon Web Services Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Amazon Simple Queuing Service (SQS) Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) Amazon Simple DB (SDB) Amazon Elastic Block Storage (EBS)
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  • Amazon Simple Storage Service Programmatic access via web services API Highly scalable data storage in the cloud Simple to get going, simple to use Fast, highly available, and durable Economic: $0.15/GB-month 64 billion objects Notable users: SmugMug, Jungle Disk, Twitter, etc.
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  • Amazon EC2 Resizable Compute Capacity As much as you need, when you need it Scale up or down in minutes Complete Control via API Create, scale, and manage instances programmatically Variety of Instance Sizes CPU Power, Cores, RAM, Disk Wide Variety of Pre-built AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) Hit the ground running with minimal system building effort Secure and Flexible Network Security Model Full control of access for each running instance
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  • AWS: Interesting Facts The Washington Post 200 EC2 instances (1,407 server hours), convert 17,481 pages of Hillary Clintons travel documents within 9 hours The New York Times 100 Amazon EC2 instances + Hadoop to convert 4TB TIFF image into 1.1 million PDFs in 24 hours 50 to 3500 servers in 3 days
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  • Eucalyptus Open-source software infrastructure for cloud computing Interface compatible with EC2, S3, and EBS Get me 3 small Instances 11
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  • Architecture Cloud Controller Cluster Controller Node Controller 12
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  • Architecture (2) Node Controller Runs VMs Xen/KVM Interfaces runInstance(), describeInstance(), terminateInstance(), describeResource(), startNetwork() Hardware Xen Dom0 OS DomU OS 13
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  • Architecture (3) Cluster Controller Access to both public and private network Gather state information from NC Schedule incoming VM execution request to NCs Cloud Controller User visible entry point Key management S3-interface compatible file system (Walrus) Global scheduling 14
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  • Node Controller Xen Event Sequence Cloud Controller Cluster Controller 15 Node Controller Xen
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  • Networking Modes System Use system settings Static Get IP from a mapping of Managed Create a private network and get IP from that Managed No-VLAN Same as Managed, but no isolation 16
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  • Internal Cluster Configuration 17 cn120 cn121 cn122 cn123
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  • Internal Cluster Configuration (2) 8 Machines: 1 CC/CLC, 7 NCs OS: CentOS 5.3 (NCs running Xen kernel) Eucalyptus version: 1.5.2 Hardware: HP DL160 (2 Quad Core + 16 GB RAM + 2 TB Disk) VM kernel: VM Image: FC, CentOS, Ubuntu, Hadoop 18
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  • Improvement Suggestions Fault tolerance of cloud and cluster controller Avoid single point of failure Make Walrus distributed Efficiency of access Avoid single point of failure Auto-scaling for Eucalyptus Possible metrics: network, cpu, etc. 19
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  • Demo Admin interface ec2-api-tools Version 1.3-30349 Elasticfox Modified for Eucalyptus Other Boto, Typica, Jets3t, etc. 20


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