cloud computing and the next-generation of enterprise architecture - cloud computing expo 2008

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Stuart Charlton's presentation at the 2008 Sys-Con Cloud Computing Expo in San Jose, CA Revised for the 2009 Sys-Con Cloud Computing Expo in New York City


  • Cloud Computing and the Next Generation of Enterprise Architecture Stuart Charlton Chief Software Architect & VP Products, Elastra The Enterprise Cloud Company
  • Objectives Does cloud computing change the importance and role of enterprise architecture and IT service management? Exploring a reference model for the cloud Suggesting a way to bridge the gap between architectural intent and results through cloud computing 2 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • What do you mean by... architecture? Architecture The fundamental organization of a system, embodied in its components, their relationships to each other, and the environment, and the principles governing its design and evolution. (ISO 42010 / IEEE 1471-2000 definition) Enterprise Architecture Enterprise Architecture is the organizing logic for businesses and their IT infrastructure reflecting the integration and standardization requirements of the firms operating model. Peter Weill, MIT 3 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • Architecture as Strategy Idea 1 Idea 2 Idea 3 Strategy Defines Limits Set Policy Constrains Learning Operating Model Enterprise Architecture Provides Requires Capabilities Execution Systems Processes Infrastructure Adapted from: Enterprise Architecture as Strategy: Creating a Foundation for Business Execution, J. Ross, P. Weill, and D. Robertson, Harvard Business School Press, 2006. 4 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • A Gap in Realizing Architectural Goals What How Where Who When Why 1. Business Business Information Processes Geography Strategy Organization Events & Collaboration 2. (a miracle occurs) Secured Event Traceable Databases Applications Networks User 3. Processing Models Interfaces 5 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • How have we managed our IT? Developer-led Concurrent Versioning, Unit Testing, Maven, Ant, Capistrano Focused on code-promotion ; sometimes database transform Manager-led One extreme: firefighting The other extreme: bureaucracy Architect-led Round-trip modeling tools (e.g. Rational UML, Together, etc.) Gated reviews (i.e. The technology cops) Operations-led Management suites (OpenView, Tivoli, etc.) Runbook Automation (e.g. HP/OpsWare, BMC/BladeLogic, Opalis) 6 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) v3: The Current Best Practice? 7 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • How Far Can Technology Save Us? The Google Secret Sauce Theory: Always available, scalable, fast Computing as fungible commodity Reliability is enabled by architecture But you have to rewrite your software Does a seemingly magical architecture reduce or eliminate the need for If I spill this on a configuration & dependency management? server, who Does this architecture match classic is affected, and by enterprise requirements? how much? 8 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • 9 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • The Cloud Provider Continuum Retail Ecosystem Supplier Ecosystem Closer to the Closer to the Developer/User SysAdmin/Ops Platform-as-a-Service Infrastructure-as-a-Service 10 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • Qualities of an Enterprise Cloud On-Demand, Services-Oriented Computing Drastically reduced lead times Lowered requirement to call-ahead forecasts Demand trends are predicted by the provider Variable cost consumption Pay-by-the-drink or over time; decouple fixed overhead from demand Self-service Resources directly/indirectly reserved with a GUI or API Elastic Scalability Grow or shrink resources as required Mandatory Network The network is essential to consume the service Governance and Compliance Tracking and matching of cloud providers to policies 11 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • A Cloud Technology Reference Model Begin with the Data Center Now Global & Possibly Cross Organizational Exposes Power & Cooling Information Facilities & Logistics Management Organizationally & Geographically Decentralized Software & Hardware 12 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • A Cloud Technology Reference Model Add Trust, Identity and Licensing Control Point for Compliance, Auditing Distributed Action without Replicated Credentials Licensing, Security, Identity & Trust Facilities & Logistics Management Organizationally & Geographically Decentralized Software & Hardware 13 Cloud Computing Expo 2009
  • A Cloud Technology Reference Model Add easy software access to: Configurations - HW/SW/Network/Storage Settings, Software Packages, and Dependencies Resources - Reservations from a pool of excess capacity in storage, computing, and network Licensing, CONFIGURATION RESOURCE Security, Identity MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT & Trust Facilities & Logistics Management Organizationally & Geographically Decentralized Software & Hardware 14


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