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Flexible reporting tools (Report Designer, Find Variables, Check Report) Learn more about our chromatography data system Chromeleon:


  • 1.2 The world leader in serving science Streamline Your Laboratory Chromeleon CDS Seminar [Enter location and date here] Report Your Data

2. 3 Introduction Reporting your data is the final step in the analysis process and can be done in multiple ways: Immediate overview of results Use customized reports to meet reporting requirements Report laboratory-wide results Print or export results in various formats 3. 4 Reporting Data 4. 5 Immediate Result Overview What if I only want to see the numbers? View results without opening sequence data 5. 6 Report Your data Customize Reports To meet reporting requirements customized reports need to be created Limited chromatography reporting options Additional calculations might be required to obtain final results To avoid this, often results are transferred to a spreadsheet, e.g. Microsoft Excel Time consuming Error prone - transcription errors No dynamic updating No spreadsheet versioning / change tracking 6. 7 Report Designer 7. 8 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates can have as many worksheets as required 1 2 Many 8. 9 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates can contain text and variables Text Variables VariablesText 9. 10 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates can include result tables Peak Tables Summary Tables Audit Trails 10. 11 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates can include various plot types Chromatogram Calibration Spectrum 11. 12 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates and can even include custom equations 12. 13 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates and charts 13. 14 Chromeleon CDS Report Templates to create the report you need 14. 15 Reporting in Chromeleon CDS Powerful and versatile spreadsheet based reporting engine Selection of predefined templates Present results as required Instant automatic update when source data changes No validation issues when exporting to external software 15. 16 Report Checking 16. 17 Report Your Data Check for Errors Customized reports require error checking and validation Time consuming Difficult to locate errors Thermo Scientific Dionex Chromeleon CDS provides a built-in error check for report templates: Automatic check for every entry in the entire report Simple interface to easily correct any errors 17. 18 Report Template Error Check Save time Increase reliability Simplifies report validation Error and location Automatic Selection Immediately fix error 18. 19 Data Visualization 19. 20 Data Visualization In the lab the following questions arise: How can I take a look at the trends in my data? How do I get my historical and current data in one overview? How do I visualize my data in understandable and easy to read charts? How often do my system suitability tests fail? Etcetera Presenting the data in a graphical way clarifies a lot Use the embedded charting tools 20. 21 Data Visualization Interactive charts for data visualization Fully customizeable Templates for the most common tasks Available for both the view settings and report templates 21. 22 Interactive Charts Visualize all your dynamically linked data in interactive charts Selected injection is indicated in the chart Chart shows results of selected peak 22. 23 Report the Right Data Sometimes it is required to report specific data All injections where the amount of a component is above a certain level All Check Standards from a specific analysis All injections that failed a System Suitability Test (SST) All injections from all instruments in a lab from the past year This can be like searching for a needle in a haystack Find single or multiple samples in data structure or database Collated data needs to be reported 23. 24 Injection Query A set of search criteria used to find a particular injection or group of injections Quick Search Criteria rules define criteria for simple database searches Computed Criteria rules define criteria for searches that require Chromeleon CDS to calculate values of variables Can be reported as a regular sequence 24. 25 Injection Query - Example Query always available Search Criteria Query Results Associated Reports 25. 26 Injection Query Report - Example 26. 27 Example: Instrument Usage Statistics 27 27. 28 Injection Queries and Reporting Locate samples with a single mouse-click Easily create database queries without advanced database knowledge Search based on any combination of parameters Directly access and report search results 28. 29 Report Printing/Exporting 29. 30 Multiple Output Formats Reporting Data = Printing ? Nowadays reporting is often done in in electronic format PDF or spreadsheet for customer Result export as text or GAML file for LIMS Chromeleon CDS provides automatic printing or exporting of sequence results with just two clicks 30. 31 Multiple output formats for all purposes: Portable document format (PDF) Excel (XLS) Text files (TXT) Generalized Analytical Markup Language (GAML) AnDI/NetCDF file format (CDF) Multiple Output Formats 31. 32 Advantages of using Chromeleon CDS Save time No need to (manually) transfer data from Chromeleon CDS to an external spreadsheet One click report of laboratory wide data Reduce errors Transcription errors are prevented when data is not transferred Automatic overview of errors in report Dynamic updating of results Changes in raw data (e.g. integration is adjusted) are immediately displayed in report 32. 33 Summary 33. 34 Summary Powerful and versatile spreadsheet based reporting engine for any report requirement Built-in error checking for increased reliability and simplified report validation Easy data overview with embedded charting tools Laboratory-wide reporting with powerful combination of injection queries and report templates Improved connectivity with multiple output formats 34. 35 Summary Bringing It All Together Chromeleon CDS has all the tools to help you report your data to your requirements! 35. 36 Thank You! 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