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1. Choosing your Perfect Pet By Fantastic Furries 2. Dogs Dogs are great pets but they are very demanding as puppies. They are needing walks all the way through their lives aswell and would not be very good beginner pets. They are fairly expensive to keep aswell and can rarely become fussy eaters. Life span: 12 17 years Ideal Environment: A household that is willing to give lots of attention and has spare time to walk it. 3. Cats Cats are also great pets but do not need their owners nearly as much as dogs do. Most cats (with the exception of a few) arent as fussy about who is looking after them as long as they are fed, given water and have a roof over their head. In conclusion cats don`t need to rely on their owners nearly as much as dogs do and would do as a family pet with not enough free time to have a dog. Life span: 12 17 years Ideal environment :A household that has time to give a cat attention and feed and water it. 4. Guinea Pigs Guinea pigs are one of the best pets to have. They are very, very well natured and never ever bite. Guinea Pigs have a massive variety in personalities but are all very nice natured. Guinea Pigs need to be kept as pairs or more and need some attention if their partner dies or they will get really lonely. They are very low maintenance and are very flexible to where they live. They can live outside and inside aswell. Life span: Outside: 4 7 years, Inside: 6 10 years Ideal Environment: A household that has time to feed and water it and put it out in the run. And can give it occasional attention. 5. Rabbits Rabbits are similar to Guinea Pigs but arent as keen on attention. They are very good pets but they don`t have as much variety when it comes to personality as guinea pigs but still make good pets. They are very flexible about where they live and can live outside or inside. They like to be in pairs and need occasional handling. Ideal Environment: A family that can feed and water it and can clean it out once a week and handle it regularly. Lifespan: 4 12 years 6. Mice Mice are hard to put into a category. They are easy to look after and are very inexpensive to keep but need much harder work to tame. They have great personalities but can be very timid. Mice are hard to handle as they are very fast and can jump very far. They need next to no time in the aspect of feeding and watering but need more time when it comes to taming and handling. Ideal Environment: A responsible owner that has time to handle, feed and water their pet. Lifespan: 1 4 years 7. Tropical Fish Tropical fish are more maintenance than goldfish but still need cared for in a very similar way. They need some electricity to run their filter and heater. Ideal Environment: A person that has time to feed and occasionally clean the filter and tank. 1 8 years 8. Birds Birds are lovely pets but can be a bit noisy at times. They are not expensive but not cheap to keep, and need extra things like sandpaper and newspaper. There are many varieties and species. Ideal Environment: A house that has time to feed, water and clean the out. Lifespan: 3 12 years (small birds). 9. Goldfish Goldfish are a great first pet. They are very inexpensive to keep and are very low maintenance. There are a great variety of shapes, colours and species. Ideal Environment: Any household that has time to clean the tank and filter and can feed them. Lifespan: 1 8 years 10. Tortoises Tortoises are great pets but need human company so as to not get lonely. They are very well natured and don`t bite but can be a bit expensive to keep if you use UV lights and calci-dust. They are very low maintenance and spend one third of the year if you choose asleep in hibernation. Ideal Environment: A house that can provide company and can feed and water and can provide a place for hibernation if you choose too. Lifespan: 50 100 years (Hibernation extends lifespan).


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