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A helpful guide to picking the perfect pet


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    Its always exciting when youve decided to welcome a new pet into your home. But with all the choices, how do you know which type of pet is right for you and your life-

    style? Here are a few of the pros and cons of owning some of the most common types and what you can expect when owning each. So calm those nerves and get exciting

    about your new friend!


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  • ?Playful Pooch Having a playful pup is defi-nitely a full time job. While having a dog as a member of the family can be loads of fun and very re-warding, its import-ant to keep in mind that a family with a demanding schedule and without a lot of down time may want to think twice before adopting a dog. Dogs are usually very active animals and need as much exercise and play time that they can get. Can you see a cuddly canine in your home?

    Questions to consider before deciding on a dog:

    Do I have a spacious area for the dog to exercise and run around?

    Would I have the time to be attentive to the dog and its needs, such as potty breaks and play time?

    If there are small children around, would they be able to handle an active puppy?

    If you decide a dog is the right fit for you, consider adopting from your local pet


    Dogs will need to be walked as often as

    possible. Strethcing their legs will help

    them to grow big and strong! 2

  • ? Friendly Feline&

    Caring for a fuzzy feline is very different from an energetic pup. While cats are affection-ate and playful, they are also very low-maintenance and wont need the attention that a dog would. Cats are known for their independence and curiosity. Cats are generally less territorial than dogs and may be better suited to be around young children. With independence, however, may come solitude at times. Is a curious kitty the one for you?


    They use a litter box.


    They shed.

    They dont need large spaces.

    They dont need to be walked.

    May use their claws to scratch things like furni-

    ture, etc.Generally do not travel

    wellHard to train

    A kitten can be a great gift for little ones or anyone who

    enjoys animals!

    Cats are known for being cuddly and affectionate!


  • Dont have the time or space for a cat or dog, but would really like to have a pet in your home? Then you may want to consider a small-er critter who doesnt need the activity and maintenence that a cat or

    dog would need. This spectrum of pets is broad enough to suit anyones interests. Check out the benefits of caring for fish, hamsters, rabbits,

    and many more! You are sure to find a lovable creature that would fit right into your busy lifestyle!

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    Animal shelters oftentimes house smaller critters, such

    as rabbits, as well!

    1. HamstersHamsters are cute, little rodents who are perfect for someone living in a small area, such as an apartment. They make a great pet for small children, but the are known for being nocturnal.

    2.Fish Fish are perfect for someone who doesnt have time to sit and play with their pet, but would enjoy dis-playing their aquarium of fish. Though fish are considered low maintence, it does take precise measures to keep your fish alive.3.RabbitsRabbits are another great pet for someone with a small living space. They can be trained to use a litter box and are full of personality. Keep in mind that rabbits cannot live outdoors. They have been known to die of fright!

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    Compact Critters