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Chiffon magazines Red Issue. Featuring Fashion stories by Jordan Duvall, Josue Pena, Lucinda Wedge, Courtney Dailey and Neil Sharum.


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  • *Lancme Color Fever Lipstick in Red and Sensual Java: What better way to complete the latest fall fashions than to sport incredibly luminous red lips? Lancmes Color Fever Lipstick will not only glide over your lips and leave them feeling delightfully moisturized and smooth; it is also designed to stay true to color with no feather-ing. Perfect for those of us who dont necessarily remember to re-apply ever few hours.

    *Besame Classic Enchanting Lipstick in Red Hot Red: Along with red being the it color for fall, we see the fash-ions of the season influenced by the era of the 1940s. Vintage-inspired lipstick in your purse. Creamy and rich, this lipstick contains color that is intense and highly pigmented, perfect for making a statement. Stop traffic and channel your inner Rita Hayworth this fall with a perfectly painted red pout.

    *Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Primer: Before you pick up your tube of red lipstick or dab a bit cherry-toned blush to your cheeks, you must have perfectly prepped skin. The Sensual Skin Primer prepares skin for a flaw-less makeup application as well as minimizes pores and disappears into the skin leaving a face that is smooth

    and flawless. Youll be pleasantly surprised at how well your makeup will glide on. We prom-ise. * Tarte Cosmetics Natural Cheek Stain in Flush: If bold red lips arent exactly your cup of tea, you can still take advantage of the red trend in cosmetics by dabbing Tarte Cosmetics Natu-ral Cheek Stain in Flush on the apples of your cheeks to achieve long a lasting, build-able color that emulates the first flush of love. An added bonus: you get the added benefits of the tarte t5 super fruit complex of goji, acai, mar-acuja, acerola and pomegranate, treating your skin to anti-aging and skin-restorative benefits with each application. How sweet!

    *Stem Organics Fresh Start Serum: The key to healthy, glowing skin is what you feed your face. Literally. Stem Organics Fresh Start Serum is a vegetarian friendly serum that not only fights the damaging free-radicals your skin comes in contact with on a daily basis, but delivers a much needed boost in cell renewal to your complexion. Packed with an array of antioxi-dants and anti-aging botanicals, your skin will look instantly radiant and velvety smooth to the touch. Say good-bye to dull, dry skin for good!

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    Red. The color that provokes feelings of strength, energy, anger, passion, and of course, love. Ripe red fruits, flowers and even gems radiate a vibrant and enticing shade of red, which explains why historically the eating of red fruits and the wearing red gems were encouraged as they were thought to impart healing and increase vitality. Today women wear red worldwide to exude power and dominance and to entice lust.

    Normally, we would have to patiently wait until Valentines Day was around the corner to indulge in our red-wearing fantasies, but not this year. The Fall 2009 color trend is definitely red. We saw reds of all undertones and saturations flooding the Fall 2009 runways in the designs of Dior, Nanette Leopore, Louis Vuitton and many more. Even Ruffian had red-clad models with matching bold lips walking down an equally vibrant red runway.

    From clutches to clothes and lips to toes, red is the hottest trending color this season in every aspect of your wardrobe and it shouldnt be absent from your makeup bag. Weve rounded up some of our favorite red products that are sure to get your pulse racing.