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Summer 2015


  • D. 326A

  • D. 326BD. 326C

  • D. 325A

    Give yourself a dash of OranGeThe best color in the whole world is the one that looks good, on you!

  • D. 325B

    D. 325C

    Enter a Lavish

    World of Majestic

    Designs by FivE Star

  • D. 311B

    Turn on the

    power of your

    persona with a

    dash of


    hues and the

    finest fabrics this sum-


    Summer Sun Shines

  • D. 311C D. 311A

  • D. 315C

  • D. 315AD. 315B

  • D. 327C

  • D. 327BD. 327A

  • D. 321BD. 321C

  • D. 321A D. 324A

  • D. 324B

  • D. 313BD. 324C

  • D. 313C

  • D. 313AD. 314B

  • D. 314C D. 314A

  • D. 312C

    See the world melt in your stylish gaze as you go about leaving a lasting mark in every place you choose to walk into.

    ColorS of ECStaSy

  • D. 312A

  • Indulge your senses in the pinnacle of haute couture.

    D. 312B

    You are the Masterpiece

  • D. 318B

  • D. 318C

  • D. 318A D. 322C

  • D. 322B

  • D. 319BD. 322A

  • D. 319C

    Sophisticated &seductive luxury

    A delicate play of colors intertwined with the choicest fabrics make this the perfect choice for making the ultimate fashion statement. And

    always having the spotlight turned on you.

  • D. 319A

  • D. 316C

    Spread the warmth of

    your sprit this summer

    with bright colors

    and exquisite


  • D. 316B

  • D. 316A D. 330A

  • D. 330CPreMiuMKeep calm and love

  • D. 330B D. 329A

  • D. 329C

  • D. 329B

  • D. 317B

  • D. 317AD. 317C

  • D. 323A

    A ballad of blissUse your charm to win over society as you go about

    flaunting this sophisticated mixture of sheer elegance and class.

  • D. 323B D. 323C

  • D. 320CD. 320B

  • D. 320A

  • D. 328C

    Live every moment and inspire others to do so too as you take the world by storm this season.

    PreMiuM Lawn

    sOMethinGfOr everYOne

  • D. 328B

    D. 328A