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  • 1.1Creating A CoherentSocial Media StrategyCharlene LiAltimeter Group2011 April 12Twitter: @charleneliEmail:

2. 2 2011 Altimeter Group 3. 3 Its time to move past experiments 2011 Altimeter Group 4. Its about RELATIONSHIPS 2011 Altimeter Group 5. 5Agenda Strategy Lead Prepare 2011 Altimeter Group 6. 6Agenda Strategy Lead Prepare 2011 Altimeter Group 7. 7 Strategy Process StagesFormulation Discovery Ideation Planning Roadmap& Alignment 2011 Altimeter Group 8. 8 Strategy Process StagesFormulation Discovery Ideation Planning Roadmap& Alignment Set context Determine key objectives Level of strategy (corporate, biz unit, brand) Identify key metrics Assess readiness 2011 Altimeter Group 9. 9 Align social with key strategic goalsExamine your2011 goals Pick ones where social will have an impact 2011 Altimeter Group 10. 10 Objectives differ by level Corporate RiskmanagementBusiness unit ConsistencyLeadership development & cultureacross brandsSocial strategistBrand& COECommunityEngagementChannel focus manager &metricseducationValue metrics ROI metrics 2011 Altimeter Group 11. 11 Ask the Right Questions about Value We tend to overvalue the things we can measure, and undervalue the things we cannot. - John Hayes, CMO of American Express 2011 Altimeter Group 12. 12 Use appropriate metrics at each levelCorporateBusiness metrics: revenue, CSAT, reputation. LOB/Geo Social media analytics: Insights, Stakeholdersshare of voice, resonance, WOM.Social Engagement metrics: fans,Strategist/Community followers, clicks.Manager 2011 Altimeter Group 13. 13 Assess your readiness to be social Highlight where you are strong, where you need to develop. Dont create strategies that you cant execute. Demonstrate impact of strategic work. Categories for readiness assessment Customer Profile Communication Market Analysis Mindset Processes Roles Organizational Model Stakeholders Education Monitoring Reporting 2011 Altimeter Group 14. 14 Benchmarking Social Readiness (Before) December 2009 2011 Altimeter Group 15. 15 Benchmarking Social Readiness (After) April 2010 2011 Altimeter Group 16. 16 Strategy Process Stages - DiscoveryFormulation Discovery Ideation PlanningRoadmap& Alignment Collect and prioritize strategic options Metrics-based value assessment Prioritize against objectives 2011 Altimeter Group 17. 17 Evaluate each initiative Impact Readiness How does it Are there support an people who objective? can do this? What metrics Is there matter?budget? RisksPriority What are the Does this risks if we do initiative this?enable other What if we work? dont? 2011 Altimeter Group 18. 18 Define Your Strategy With ObjectivesDialog Learn Support Innovate 2011 Altimeter Group 19. How does social media matter to B2B? Chief stakeholders may not be using social media. But lieutenants will be. Social media is impacting how B2B decisions are being made. Background research Expertise Search results impact 2011 Altimeter Group 20. 20 People in B2B use social media for work Read user ratings/reviews for62% business products/services Visit company profiles on social62% media sitesVisit company blogs55% Participate in online business51%communities or forumsAsk questions on Q&A sites 49% Use Twitter to find or request29%business information Source: 2009 Business Social Media Benchmarking Study (n=2,393) 2011 Altimeter Group 21. 21Agenda Strategy Learn Dialog Support Innovate Lead Prepare 2011 Altimeter Group 22. 22 Track brand mentions with basic toolsWhat would happen if every employeecould learn from customers? 2011 Altimeter Group 23. 23 Integrate monitoring with workflowOther providersAlterianBrandsEyeBuzzmetricsCymfonySysmosVisible Tech.From Radian 6, to be acquired by 2011 Altimeter Group 24. 24 Be sure to track the actual conversations, not just the tweets@JaimieH is a topdiabetics advisor who was talkingwith an insulinpump maker 2011 Altimeter Group 25. 25 How KLM listened and surprised flyers 2011 Altimeter Group 26. 26 Go beyond basic monitoring to analytics Monitoring & analyticsDeep supportmonitoring tointegrated intoprep & support everyday Centralizedcampaigns monitoring butworkflow not actionableTracks brand in businessmentions unitesusing basictools(Google, Make course corrections No monitoring Twitter)nearly real-time. in placeUse predictive analytics to anticipate demand. 2011 Altimeter Group 27. 27 Shoppers want to be knownI walk into the store Store knows its me Give me offersAnd plans my visit 2011 Altimeter Group 28. 28 Community insight platforms Communispace andPassenger offer online focus groupssolutions. 2011 Altimeter Group 29. 29 Pros and cons of private communities Private communities give better control Get input from specific communities Can target specific hard-to-reach communities But they are hard to create and maintain Who needs to be included? Excluded? Provide non-monetary incentives/rewards for participating in the community Deserves and requires dedicated community manager Integrate into your companys support and innovation process 2011 Altimeter Group 30. 30 Learn also from your employees 2011 Altimeter Group 31. 31 Go beyond traditional data to understand your customers DemographicGeographic PsychographicBehavioral Socialgraphic 2011 Altimeter Group 32. 32 Socialgraphics asks key questions 1. Where are your customers online? 2. What social information or people do yourcustomers rely on? 3. What is your customers social influence? Whotrusts them? 4. What are your customers socialbehaviors online? 5. How do your customers use social technologiesin the context of your products. 2011 Altimeter Group 33. 33 Engagement PyramidCuratingProducing Commenting SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 34. 34 Engagement Pyramid - Watching Watch videosCurating Read blog postsListen to podcasts Read tweetsProducing Read discussionforum posts Commenting SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 35. 35 Engagement Pyramid - SharingCurating Share a linkShare photosShare videosProducing Write a status update Retweet Commenting SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 36. 36 Engagement Pyramid - CommentingCuratingComment on a blogWrite a reviewRate a productProducing Participate in a discussion forum Commenting @Reply on Twitter SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 37. 37 Engagement Pyramid - ProducingCuratingWrite a blogCreate videos orProducingpodcastsTweet for an audience Commenting SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 38. 38 Engagement Pyramid - CuratingCuratingModerate a wiki or discussion forumProducing Curate a Facebook fan page Commenting SharingWatching 2011 Altimeter Group 39. 39 Engagement Pyramid DataUnited SpainGermanyUKStatesCurating