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Lesson Guide for Day 38 for the Construction Foundation Course


  • 1. LEARN DAY 38 Construction Foundation Course

2. Week Eight: Day 38 (Wednesday) (7:30 11:30) - 1 5 min: Ask students to plan the day for about 3 hours and 30 minutes to review the Blueprints through games and/or Work Team study: Put their schedule on the board. Approx. 3 hours and 30 minutes: Follow the schedule, providing timing updates. Correct yesterdays tests. Make up 3 x 5 cards with the students name on the front and the percentage correct on the back, with appropriate remarks. Record grades carefully, so youre clear about which sections each student has to take on the final Exit Exam. 3. Week Eight: Day 38 (Wednesday) (7:30 11:30) - 2 20 min: Pass out copies of Section II Pre-Test. If students finish early, have them study quietly for the next day. Let students work longer if they need to. 5 min: Pass out the cards as students turn in their exams. Out the door: Binders. Congratulate/encourage each student. 4. Week Eight: Day 38 (Wednesday) AFTER HOURS Academic extended day individual work (approximately 1 hour) Open Computer Lab 5. END If you continue to click forward, you will see links to presentations of similar content available through Content prepared for the National Office of Job Corps through Contract No. DOLJ111A21695 Job Corps Professional Development Support - KUCRL

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