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Lesson Guide of Day 34 for the Construction Foundation Course


<ul><li> 1. LEARN DAY 34 Construction Foundation Course </li></ul> <p> 2. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) Content for the day Blueprints Tools and Equipment 3. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) Materials for the day One piece of chart paper for each Work Team for homework Architects ruler Resource 5.26 Name That 4. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 1 Check-in: Shake hands. Remind students: binders, seating. Start class. Review the day: Review the days activities from the list on the board or chart paper. Binder check: This can be done at any time during the day. 5. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 2 5 min: Minute Math, slide 17; read architects ruler in 1/4 5 min: Ask Work Teams to take 2 minutes to take out the Plaza cabin drawings and find the description of the exterior finish. Finding none, ask Teams to take 1 minute to find out what kind of exterior siding the cabin has. Aha! This is a log cabin! We need to keep this choice of exterior siding in mind as we investigate what kind of exterior finish we might want to recommend to Mr. Plaza. Blueprints 6. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 3 15 min: Have Work Teams use this time to do the following: Scan Types of finishes, pp. 947-949. Predict the questions for the notes. (Have Teams check in with you at this point. They should predict: What are the 2 types of wood finishes? What are the 3 ingredients of paint? What are the 4 types of paint?) Read, take notes, adjust questions as needed. 7. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 4 Make out vocabulary cards for Sheen VOCs Film-forming finishes Pigment Binder Carrier Oil-base paint Solvent Latex paint Primer Solid-color stain Penetrating finishes Make a Venn diagram for Latex paint and Oil-base paint. 8. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 5 10 min: Ask pair-shares to read the first paragraph on p. 950, and, considering all the information they already have on types of finishes, write an email to Mr. Plaza recommending a type of exterior finish for his log cabin, the level of quality of the material chosen, and, if appropriate, the color. Be sure to provide multiple reasons for your recommendations. 9. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 6 10 min: Compare recommendations and rationale by listing each recommendation and reasons in a chart similar to the following: Type of finish Quality of finish Color Rec A: Rec A: Rec A: Reasons: Rec B: Rec B: Rec B: Reasons: 10. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 7 20 min: As a Work Team, take 15 minutes to prepare a cost estimate to include in the email to Mr. Plaza. Show the detail of your estimate, using the model on p. 956. (Hint: you may need to divide up the tasks.) Use the last 5 minutes for Work Teams to present their cost estimates and explain their thinking. Discuss areas where problems were encountered, e.g., number of coats. Stretch Break: Everyone stands. You ask Work Team 5 to present their metric rap. They perform. Everyone claps and sits down. . 11. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 8 5 min: Minute Math, slide 18; read architects ruler in 1/8 10 min: Now that we have taken care of Mr. Plazas exterior finish, lets consider the interior. Jigsaw the reading with the following assignments, giving Teams 4 minutes to read and prepare a 1-minute presentation, while other students take notes: Supplies and equipment pp. 960-1 Preparing surfaces, p. 961 Painting a room, pp. 961-2 Ceilings and walls, pp. 962-966 Trim, p. 966 Report out on Cleanup yourself, referring to pictures on p. 953. 12. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 9 5 min: Have pair-shares make out vocabulary cards for the following: paint brush paint roller and extension paint roller cover paint mixing paddle edging paint guard Do a quick check for accuracy. 13. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) First and Second Hours (7:30 9:30) - 10 15 min: Give Work Teams 12 minutes to estimate the cost of the interior painting for Mr. Plaza, using the approach on pp. 964-5. Use the last 3 minutes to compare thinking and answers. 5 min: Play Construction Cards Snack Break (9:30-9:40) 14. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) Third and Fourth Hours (9:40 11:30) - 1 100 min: Students continue at work stations, moving on when theyve reached at least a basic proficiency level. Students always complete their vocabulary cards for each new station before beginning work on proficiencies. Continue to balance the groups at the work stations so none are too crowded. Monitor carefully; initial proficiencies on your file copy and the students copy of the rubric as students demonstrate competency. Tools and Equipment Hands-on-exposure 15. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) Third and Fourth Hours (9:40 11:30) - 2 Monitor student proficiency completion, so that you set up project stations as needed. Monitor individual students for time management. Remind students that tomorrow is the last day in shop. 10 min: Play Name That (See Appendix A for explanation of how to play Name That.) Use Resource 5.26. Reflection. Out the door:Model Notes,Reflection, binders on the shelf, shake hands. 16. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) AFTER HOURS - 1 Homework: As a Work Team, choose the kitchen design you like best and do a cabinet layout similar to the one on p. 785 on a piece of chart paper. Note where the upper and lower cabinets are drawn on the model. Make your own list of cabinet choices and number them appropriately, using W for wall and B for base followed by the width and length (e.g. W-3618 is a wall cabinet that is 36 horizontally and 18 vertically; define any other abbreviations such as pantry, dishwasher, stove, range hood, etc.) 17. Week Seven: Day 34 (Thursday) AFTER HOURS - 2 Self-check for quality: Base cabinets shown within wall cabinets? Appropriate places and markings for sink cabinets, appliances? Cabinet and appliance width add up to length of wall? Cabinet list included? Cabinets appropriately identified with letter (or name) and number? Open Computer Lab 18. END If you continue to click forward, you will see links to presentations of similar content available through Content prepared for the National Office of Job Corps through Contract No. DOLJ111A21695 Job Corps Professional Development Support - KUCRL </p>