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Lesson Guide for Day 40 of the Construction Foundation Course


  • 1. LEARN DAY 40 Construction Foundation Course
  • 2. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) Materials for the day Student notes Student vocabulary cards Snacks Writing materials TV/DVD or computer/projector Movie: Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House, The Money Pit, or The Molly McGuires Large blow-up beach ball
  • 3. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) (7:30 11:30) - 1 5 min: Have students plan a 40-minute study period for the Building Codes, Materials Handling, and Construction Communication. 40 min: Carry out the study plan, giving them time reminders aloud. 10 min: Pre-test on Building codes, Materials handling, and Construction communication 10 min: Break. Pass out pre-test scores.
  • 4. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) (7:30 11:30) - 2 80 min: Exit Exam. Most students will not need all this time. When more than half have finished, send those who are done into a separate, pre-arranged room with a pre-arranged staff person, writing materials (see below), some snacks, Eminem raps, and Movie of your choice (see below), DVD player/computer, screen/television.
  • 5. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) (7:30 11:30) - 3 While they wait for the others to finish, have these students write a reflection in their notebook focusing on their feelings about the course and the Exit Exam (Ask if you can keep this; it can provide documentation, a source for PR, and a type of evaluation of your work); write an encouraging memo to the next cohort of students, reflecting their experiences and feelings. (They dont have to sign the memo if theyd prefer not to. Collect the memos to pass on to the next cadre); and perform their raps, as time is available.
  • 6. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) (7:30 11:30) - 4 As students finish, the test administrator should send them out to the other room and grade the tests. The test administrator will provide you with the scores. No later than 2 hours and 20 minutes after the beginning of class, show Mr. BlandingsBuilds His Dream House, The Money Pit, or The Molly McGuires while you finish correcting the exams, if you need the extra time. These DVDs are available from most libraries and (currently $18.49, $9.99, $30.45 respectively).
  • 7. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) (7:30 11:30) - 5 10 min: Pass out scores. Celebrate. Do an Appreciation Circle. Sitting in a circle, toss a large, inflatable ball from one student to the next. Whoever has the ball has to name someone they appreciate and tell why. Make individual appointments to talk to any student who did not pass.
  • 8. Week Eight: Day 40 (Friday) AFTER HOURS No assignment
  • 9. END If you continue to click forward, you will see links to presentations of similar content available through Content prepared for the National Office of Job Corps through Contract No. DOLJ111A21695 Job Corps Professional Development Support - KUCRL