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Centinela Valley UHSD BTSA Induction Overview September 16, 2013. Clear Credential. Preliminary. Induction. Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment. There are 170 approved BTSA Induction programs across the state. Some are consortiums and some are district specific. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


BTSA Principle and Orientation

Centinela Valley UHSDBTSA Induction Overview

September 16, 2013

PreliminaryInductionClear CredentialThere are 170 approved BTSA Induction programs across the state. Some are consortiums and some are district specific.Some are locally designed, others use the state provided programs (FACT).All approved programs must meet the same BTSA Induction standards.

Beginning Teacher Support and AssessmentGoals of the LLHCV BTSA Induction Program

To improve the educational performance of students through better classroom instruction facilitated by improved training and support of beginning teachers.

To enable teachers to be effective in teaching students who are culturally, linguistically and academically diverse.

To hold all teachers to high standards and expectations to ensure academic success for all students.

To promote the professional success and retention of promising new teachers.

To enable Participating Teachers to apply for a California Clear Credential upon successful completion of the BTSA Induction Program.Credential is valid forthe life of the holder aslong as renewal fee and evidence ofmeeting professionalfitness are submittedevery five years.

Ongoing professional growth is theresponsibility of thecredential holder andbased on anyrequirements theemploying schooldistrict may have.

Learning to Teach Continuum (SB 2042 Credential Structure for MS/SS Credentials)PRELIMINARY CREDENTIALBlended ProgramPost-Baccalaureate 5th Year ProgramInternship Program Induction Program

Advanced Curriculum Demonstration

Formative Assessment and Support

Frequent Reflection on Practice

Individual Induction Plan

Application of Prior KnowledgePreliminary CredentialPreparationClear Credential PreparationClear Credential RenewalTeaching Performance Assessment (TPA)CLEAR CREDENTIAL

Professional courtesy is the foundation of a good working relationship. You are responsible for our success. There is always the challenge of relevance. If our progress is getting off course, get us back on track.

Guidelines: Keep scheduled appointments Be timely Notify SP if youre going to be late Notify SP if you are sick or off campus on appt day Notify SP if you need to rescheduleNew##

Weekly contact time will include instructional as well as non instructional time Scheduling process for appointments (Outlook Calendar)Responding to Emails from SP, Induction Office and Assistant Superintendent of BTSA Induction

Lets take a look at Outlook!

Tools that are the focus in any given week are to be completed BEFORE your next scheduled BTSA meeting.

Different types of PD for IIPs include, but are not limited to: New Teacher Networks Support Provider Collaboration Literacy/Matah Specialist Internet Research, Support Director of C & I Support Colleague Collaboration Site Professional Development

BTSA work is confidential, but BTSA progress is not.

The Director of C&I communicates with Support Providers about Participating Teacher progress.

The Director of C&I meets with Principals in to discuss progress toward your Clear Credential.

If needed, additional communication with Principal and Director of C&I may occur throughout the year.

BTSA Network evaluations

Program surveys are conducted in January and March

Our program is an accredited Clear Credential pathway and surveys provide evaluative data towards improving our program.

Failure to participate in the surveys within the completion window will result in follow up from your Support Provider and/or Director of C&I.Once youre inwhat then?

FACTFormative Assessment for California Teachers

Formative Assessment for California Teachers FACT

Support Providers (SPs) & Participating Teachers (PTs) work through Inquiry Cycles

Each Inquiry is a cycle of formative assessment

Formative assessment system used is FACT

Measures improvement of the PTs practice by using: The California Standards for the Teaching Profession (CSTPs) The Continuum of Teaching Practice (CTP)

Measures student learning in relation to CA academic content standards

SPs play a critical role in the implementation of FACT

Utilize evidence Observations, student work, student performance

Weekly meetings (minimum one hour a week)

Reflect with PTs on evidence to improve performanceFACT Formative Assessment Modules

The FACT modules are located on the district website and help capture important information about work so that it can be systematically analyzed to refine practice.

The FACT modules include:

Module A:Context for Teaching and LearningModule B:Assessment of Teaching and LearningModule C:Inquiry into Teaching and LearningModule D:Summary of Teaching and LearningModule E:Reflections on Teaching and Learning

FACT Modules and Tools located on the BTSA Induction Page of the District Website

Year 1 TeachersTimelineFACT ModuleSeptember thruDecemberContext for Teaching and Learning

Assessment of Teaching and LearningJanuary thruMayInquiry into Teaching and Learning #1

Summary of Teaching and LearningFACT Year 1 PlanYear 1 TeachersTimelineFACT ModuleSeptember thruDecemberContext for Teaching and Learning

Inquiry into Teaching and Learning #2January thruMayInquiry into Teaching and Learning #3

Summary of Teaching and LearningFACT Year 2 PlanBeyond the Formative Assessment SystemHow can you and your Support Provider be a team?

Dealing withParents

Dealing with CommunicationDealing with Classroom Management

Dealing with challenging students

Dealing with paperwork and organization

Dealing with site-based issuesSupport Provider & Participating Teacher MOUsGot Questions? ? ?