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    Snapshots from their family albums


    Snapshots from their family albums


    THE PROPOSALA champagne picnic on

    Hampstead Heath



    Paul & AliceTHE STORY SO FAR


    Paul & AliceTHE STORY SO FAR






    n by

    J B



    Our WeddingPaul & Alice | 24th May 2008

  • Contents3 The proposal4 & 5 Alices family album6 & 7 Pauls family album8 How they met9 Choosing the dress10 Spotlight on best man11 Chief bridesmaid Q&A12 & 13 Stag and hen dos14 & 15 Interview with parents16 Guest list and thank you

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  • I knew something was up he had that look in his eye, remembers Alice of the day Paul finally, after eight years together, popped the question.

    It was Good Friday and I had gone to get my hair cut. When I called to say I had finished, Paul suggested that, as it was such a lovely day, we go for a picnic. In fact, he had already packed it which I thought was very organised of him so we set off straight away to Hampstead Heath.

    Unbeknown to Alice, Paul had spent the last week scouring Hatton Garden in his lunch hours looking for an engagement ring. With it safely hidden away in his pocket, all he had to do was find the perfect spot to propose.

    We have always loved the heath and would often go for long walks



    there, talking and making plans so it seemed the right place to do it, remembers Paul.

    Having found a secluded corner, they stretched out their blanket and Alice was keen to see what food Paul had packed.

    I realised I had to ask her there and then as I had packed a bottle of champagne and I didnt want her to see it, says Paul.

    And so he did, receiving a swift affirmative in response. With champagne and ring revealed, Alice quickly phoned her parents who were waiting with baited breath for her call. Paul had spoken to her dad John beforehand to ask his permission. I was so pleased he did that, says Alice. It made the proposal even more perfect.

    I knew something was up

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    He had this look in his eye

    I realised I had to ask her there

    and then


    Alices Family Album

    One-year-old Alice with her daddy

    Still making a din back then on her beloved violin

    Aged six posing for the school photo with brother Charlie aged nine

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  • With proud parents Damaris and John at her graduation in Cardiff

    One of the many days spent on Bournemouth beach

    In training to be the ultimate housewife

    Alice was a dedicated Brownie, pictured with Cub Scout Charlie

    Alice gets her first taste of weddings as a bridesmaid aged five

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    Pauls Family Album

    Sporting the coolest of eighties accessories the sun visor in 1989

    Showing his trademark grin, pictured with brother George

    Paul with brothers George and Alex in 1983

    One-year-old Paul sitting on his Taids lap

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  • Younger brother Alex knows his place

    Paul, far left, with his school rugby team in 1992

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    Alice and Paul met when they were both taking a Masters at York University. Although their subjects were rather different Alice was studying baroque violin and Paul economics they had mutual friends in common and eventually they were to meet while at a post-graduate party being held on a sunny July evening in 2001. Both, apparently, were attracted by the promise of free food and drink so they had something in common already.

    They stayed on in York for a further year but when Paul was offered a job at an economic consultancy in London, they both decided to head

    south again. They eventually moved in together at the flat they shared with friends in Golders Green, north London before taking the plunge and buying their first home - a two-bedroom flat in Crouch End, also in north London - in the summer of 2006. In fact, they negotiated the sale while travelling around East Africa a once-in-a-lifetime trip they will never forget. It all happened that year, as Paul decided to pop the question on April 14th and the rest, as they say, is history.

    Both, apparently, were attracted by the promise of free food and drink

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    It all happened that year

  • Choosing the Dress

    I always had it in my mind the sort of dress I wanted to get married in but nothing prepared me for the fun I would have in finding it, says Alice on choosing her wedding dress.

    At first I was unsure whether I wanted a train at all as it seemed so far removed from what I normally wear and I was worried about how I would cope with it on the day but the more dresses I tried on, the longer the trains got!

    Alice took her mum Damaris along to several bridal shops in Bournemouth to find her special dress. I loved the way the dresses felt on they make you feel so special. It really is unlike anything you have worn before, says Alice.

    In the end, Alice chose a dress designed by Augusta Jones, with a mid length veil decorated with crystals and ivory silk shoes with a kitten heel. The moment she came out of the changing room I loved the dress, remembers Damaris.

    I thought it suited her perfectly and was ideal for the wedding venue. You need a magnificent dress that will stand up to the magnificent surroundings and this did just that.





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    The more dresses I tried on, the longer

    the trains got!

    The moment she came out of the changing room I loved the dress

  • WORLD EXCLUSIVEWhat the best man has to say about the groom


    I think our friendship would have lasted wherever we were

    I first met Paul at school in Maidenhead at the age of 11 which makes him one of my oldest friends.

    We shared a love of cycling and would regularly ride from our homes to Windsor and back along the river. We would go away mountain biking at weekends where Paul would live out his love of speed, careering down the slopes without using his brakes and more often than not coming into contact with a tree or two on the way down.

    We also loved playing Go and belonged to the schools club so you could find us most lunchtimes engrossed in a game in one of the classrooms.

    Ending up in the same part of London has meant we still see a lot of each other although I think our friendship would have lasted wherever we were. I feel truly honoured to be his best man.



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    More often than not, Paul would

    make contact with a tree or two on the way down

    We shared a love of cycling and

    mountain biking



    Her caring nature has shown through ever since

    Name: Caroline SartinDOB: 25th August 1977

    When and where did you meet the bride: I met Alice in 2000 when we were both living in York studying music. A mutual friend introduced us and I knew straight away we were going to be firm friends.

    Top memory of the bride: As part of Alices degree course she had to do an end of year recital on the violin and I went along to listen. I will never forget how beautiful she sounded although she always plays down how good she is. It really was an unforgettable performance.

    Brides best feature: I would have to say her caring nature. Not long after we had met, a group of us had gone out into York for drinks and I went back to Alices house to stay over

    rather than get a taxi back. Although we didnt really know each other, she stayed up when everyone else when to bed, making sure I had enough bedding, water and everything I needed. I was really touched and her caring nature has shone through ever since.

    How did you feel when you were asked to be bridesmaid: Well, I admit I cried a little! I was so touched and honoured to be given such an important part of her special day. And I couldnt wait to wear the dress either.

    Best advice for the bride: Dont change a thing.

    WORLD EXCLUSIVEInterview with

    chief bridesmaid

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    Well, I admit I cried a little!

  • Alice had a hen party in London where she was joined by her friends, first for cocktails and canaps at the couples flat in Crouch End, followed by a three course meal at Covent Gardens The Grange. Everyone got dressed up for the occasion and unbeknown to Alice, her bridesmaids had gathered together pictures of her growing up which they displayed on the tables.

    It was a fantastic night, remembers Alice. It was great to have friends from all walks of my life together in one room and I loved it that my mum and future mother-in-law Beryl were able to come too.


    HENS NIGHT OUTWhat really happened

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    STAG DOWhat really happened

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    You can s