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Diapositiva 1

Remolino Orientalacrlico sobre cartn, papel dorado, arena, dibujo sobre papel, con acuarela .

Formas RarasCecilia Fraire

i always had painted, but the life make a mother, bussines woman, but the art find again the place in my life.It my space, my dreams.I am happy painting

is my therapy when the world is brokeni only look tobe happy in another wolrd when i paint

now i can show mi show you my works,

welcome to my enterteinmen park

Cecilia Oriental hurrican Acrylic, gold paper, sand, glue, polymer clay on wood

Acrylic, glue, sunflower oil, aluminiun paste, on wood

Acrylic, aluminium past4e, sunflowers oil on canvas

Paper, sand, giesso, acrylic, pencil, gouach, on canvas

Los Papagayos. Gouache ans acrylic on paperAcrylic, sand, glue on wood

Acrylic, polimer clay on canvas

Acrylic, sunflowers oil on canvas

Acrylic, sand, rise, glue, pencil, on canvas

Acrylic, glue on canvas

Acrylic, spray pain, glue on canvas

Acrylic, sand, glue, sun flowers oill, paper, cotton on canvas

Acrylic on canvas

Acrylic, paper, san, pastel oil, glue. Private Colectin Swisse

Gouache on paper

Polymer clay and acrylic on canvas The Victoryoil on canvas

Acrylic, paper, pencil, gouache on canvas.

La Desnuda 1 crayon on paper

Mancha acrylic, sunflowers oil, on paper

Bicho feo acrylic, sunflowers oil, pastel on paper

Oil pastel on paper

Acrylic, sunflowers oil pastel on canvas

Oil pastel on canvas

Oil pastel on paper

Oil pastel on paper

Oceanicoacrylic with giessom glue, oil pastelm sand on canvas

Oil pastel on paper

Oil pastel on paper

Oil pastel on paper

Gouache and pencil on paper,

Oil pastel on paper

Oil pastel on paper

Ombu rosadopencil and gouache on paper

Pencil on paper

Pajonales de cordobaoil pastel on paper

Ombupencil, gouache on paper

Oil, pencil on paper

Acrylic, pencil, on paper

Acrylic and pencil on paper

Contact to Cecilia Fraire. Argentina 00 54 11 4716 4005 / 8262




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