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Carole Franck. ARÔMES ESSENTIELS ______PARIS_____. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Carole Franck


  • Cosmobiopharma Company has the honor to introduce Carole Franck Skin care products in Egypt: A precious gift to every sophisticated woman who really cares about her beauty, A new trend in the realm of beauty.where Essential oils are incorporated in your daily skin regimen.

  • You will be amazed with the dramatic results on your skin with the very first application of Carole Franck products. We do promise you a healthy glowy skin yet ageless, where years will be added to your age but never to your skin. You gonna love yourself, when becoming ageless, spotless and the mirror of a beautiful painting.

  • IT'S JUST TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE One last word, we will take very good care of your skin and you do take care of the envy of others With the compliments of Dr. Hania Sherif, COSMOBIOPHARMA -Egypt

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  • L Huile Vitalisante . . . ( ).

  • Le Concentre Aromatique . . ( ( )

  • Essencia Raffermissant ( ) .

  • SERUM LIFTING The Plant bio-stimulant . . ( ).

  • Rveil cellulaire

    ( ). . . . ( A E )

  • Emulsion Purifiante ( ).

    Purifying Emulsion

  • Le Masque Phyto-hydratant . . petit-grain ( ).

    Phyto Mask

  • Le Srum Actif Rougeur Diffuse . . ( : ).

  • Crme Botanique Revitalisante Yeux . . ( A E C ). ( ).

    Botanic Cream For Eyes

  • CRME Fraicheur 52%

  • La Crme Fulgurance . ( U.V.A/U.V.B. ). - -

  • Fulgurance Fluide

    . ( ).Fulgurance Fluid

  • Le Masque Cristal Peau Dange This mask gives an instant lifting of the face in few minutes. The skin will be more toned firm with that dazzling angel skin texture, having that satin finish look, with no dilated pores.

    Crystal Mask

  • It is highly advised that to do the following:Day: Firming Essencia + Serum Actif + Fraicheur CreamNight: Vitalizing Oil + Fraicheur CreamPhyto Mask: To be applied twice a week.

  • : Program for Oily Skin Problems .BlackheadsVitalizing oil + Purifying Emulsion to be used twice a day, morning and night.Stubborn Acne Concentrate Aromatic to be used undiluted and directly applied on the acne three times a day few days and the acne is gone.Oily SkinAromatic Concentrate + Purifying Emulsion First Step: Aromatic Concentrate to be dilutedwith water. Fill the cap with oil then pour it inclean bottle and add water approximately 500 ml.

  • The Anti aging Program

    Day Treatment1st & 3rd week: Essencia Raffermissant + ReveilCellulaire + Crme Fulgurance2nd & 4th week: Essencia Raffermissant + SerumLifting + Crme Fulgurance.Night TreatmentEssencia Raffermissant + Fluid Fulgurance +Crme Flugurance.The Eyes : with Revitalizing Botanic Cream, you will get rid of dark circles, wrinkles in the eye area will be attenuated.The Crystal Mask: To be applied once per week for that dazzling angel complexion

  • With the Compliments of Cosmobiopharma27 tanta st. el mohaandesen cairo tel&fax:+20233467720 mobile:0173954739 hania.sherif@cosmobiopharma.comahmed

  • Carole FranckLEssence mme de la Beaut