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    International Association for Impact Assessment

    1330 23rd Street South, Suite C Fargo, ND 58103-3705 USA

    Tel: +1.701.297.7908

    This document is a supplement to the formal online ballot.

    Enclosed are the biographical sketches and photos of the candidates for the 2019 IAIA Board of Directors election. Please review these bios and then cast your vote via the online ballot. Eligible IAIA members received the ballot link and personalized ballot number via email. Please submit your electronic ballot by Thursday, 31 January.

    IAIA members can vote for one candidate in each of the following categories:

    President-Elect: Ben Cave Juan Quintero

    Director (Position A): Asha Rajvanshi Geetha Ramesh Takehiko Murayama

    Director (Position B): Pablo Baranao Eddie Smyth Giuseppe Magro

    Returning IAIA Board Members: Sara Bice, Australia Luis Montañez-Cartaxo, Mexico Aaron Goldschmidt, USA Maria da Cunha, USA Claudia Valencia Franke, Peru Ntsako Baloyi, South Africa

    Thank you for taking time to vote in the 2019 election.


  • My life has been closely linked with EIA, so it was natural that IAIA and I would eventually meet. My first IAIA Conference was New Orleans in 1997, while working at the World Bank. Love at first sight! Since then, I have attended 18 IAIA conferences and several symposia, organized the 2001 conference in Colombia, and co-organized the 2015 Panama mega-infrastructure symposium. I teach a pre-conference course and mentor the online EIA Professional Development Program. The love affair continued. I became a Board member from 2012 to 2014. In 2011, I received the Latin America Regional Award for supporting best practices in EIA, and in 2016, the Lifetime Achievement Award for promoting mainstreaming biodiversity in infrastructure.

    I am a civil and environmental engineer, with over 40 years of experience in risk assessment, mitigation and compensation of environmental and social impacts of development projects around the world. I am a Certified Assessor for the application of the International Hydropower Association Sustainability Protocol. Currently, I am member of Panel of Experts/independent monitoring teams for several hydroelectric/road projects.

    I foresee IAIA growing in developing countries and tapping into professional networks of the BRICs, being more accessible to young professionals, and becoming the world’s repository of knowledge for impact assessment. Living in the Washington, D.C., area will allow me to work closely with the new IAIA Executive Director to strengthen collaboration with international Financial Institutions and to identify sponsorship opportunities.

    I hope to continue my love affair with IAIA by serving as President.

    IAIA 2019 Board Candidate Bios | Page 2

    My name is Ben Cave. I ask you to elect me as your next IAIA President.

    I have 20 years practice in impact assessment working across health and environmental assessment with industry, government, financial institutions and civil society.

    I have been an IAIA member for 14 years, and in that time, I have chaired the Health Section and the Sections Co-ordinating Committee and worked with IAIA Branches and Affiliates. I received an IAIA award in 2011.

    I have written articles and guidance on impact assessment. I have also looked for novel ways to bring impact assessment alive. For example, I created a cartoon superhero to show new audiences the importance of health in Strategic Environmental Assessment.

    I am utterly fascinated by the notion of quality in impact assessment and I have chaired sessions to explore this topic at IAIA conferences.

    In my time as President, I will focus on one main goal. I will build links with other sectors and organisations. I will be vocal and visible in growing the organisation and in expanding IAIA’s influence. I will work with the great staff at headquarters, with our new Executive Director, and with the Board to shape and to guide IAIA’s strategy for growth.

    I relish working with others and I will be deliberate and constructive in my work as a member of the Board. Looking inward at the organisation, I will ensure that IAIA provides value to its members, that IAIA is supportive to practitioners early in their careers and that it is a useful sounding board for those with more experience.

    In the face of political and social challenges, I want to ensure that IAIA provides a clear voice for rigorous and informed impact assessment.

    Please trust me with your vote.


    Ben Cave United Kingdom

    Juan Quintero USA / Colombia

  • I am a principal consultant and Technical Director with Advisian, part of WorleyParsons. Experienced in delivering mega-projects with large multi-disciplinary teams, I have over 25 years of experience in environmental industry, specifically in environmental health assessments, impact assessments, approvals, and permitting. As Manager and National Director for the Heath Risk Team in WorleyParsons, I increased the visibility by leading numerous mining projects, oil sands, and Environmental Assessments across Canada and internationally. I have contributed towards regional initiatives, such as land use framework, guidance for site specific risk assessment in mining industry, and guidance on Ecological Risk Assessments, and have served as an expert witness.

    I served as the Co-Chair of the IAIA Health section from 2015-2018 and am active in the local chapter of IAIA-WNC, helping the organizing committee and serving on the Science Advisory board in Canada. I have championed and led several community services and non-profit organisations; mentoring women in science and technology, chairing the Alberta Network of Immigrant Women, mentoring in the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists. I served as President, Treasurer, and Secretary of the India Canada Association and was founding President of Indo Canada Chamber of Commerce promoting trade and commerce between India and Canada. I have been the recipient of various awards, including the Immigrant of Distinction Award, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee award, Pride of India award, and Stars of Alberta, and was nominated for the Women of Vision award in Calgary.

    I will promote three issues that in my view enhance IAIA’s visibility and membership: increasing youth participation; hands-on workshops during conferences; and integration of sections and member countries in the organization.

    After superannuating from the position of Scientist at the Institute Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in July 2018, I am working as a Senior Professional Fellow at WII. I have over three decades of professional experience as a teacher, trainer, researcher, and impact assessment practitioner. I have contributed significantly in promoting impact assessment in India and the region.

    I have played the lead role in developing, testing, and encouraging mainstreaming tools for biodiversity in impact assessment and in building capacity in the field of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), Cumulative Assessment and other relevant areas such as transportation ecology, and smart green infrastructure. I have provided professional and consulting support to many international agencies like the European Union, the World Bank, IUCN, IAIA, Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment, CBD, GIZ, Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) and the Asian Development Bank.

    I have been an IAIA member for nearly two decades and have served as the Co-Chair of its Biodiversity an Ecology Section. I have also been a part of the committees for Awards and Professional Development Programs and IAIA’s CBBIA programme for South Asia and IAIA’s GBIF programme for EIA Biodiversity data mobilization.

    As a member of IAIA from a developing country, I clearly see the need and benefit of IAIA membership increasing and expanding across countries in South Asia. This would also make IAIA more global in reach and impact.

    IAIA 2019 Board Candidate Bios | Page 3


    Asha Rajvanshi India

    Geetha Ramesh Canada / India

    I am currently a professor in the School of Environment and Society, Tokyo Institute of Technology. My research focuses on environmental planning and policy, such as environmental impact assessment, risk management, and consensus building with stakeholders. My publications include several papers in related journals such as IAPA and EIA Review. Since 2004, I have worked as a chair of an advisory panel on environmental and social consideration, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). I am also a member of the committee on EIA of Central Environment Council and co- chair of policy dialogue on chemical management, Japan Ministry of the Environment.

    As a member of IAIA since the mid-2000s, I have made oral and poster presentations in annual meetings and participated as a panelist in theme forums. As a co-chair of the organizing committee for IAIA16, which was held in Nagoya, I played key roles including program formulation and coordination between domestic and international members with Professor Harashina, a past president. Currently, I work for impact assessment activities as a secretary-general of the IAIA Japan Branch, an International Advisory Board member of EIA Review, and vice president of the Japan Society for Impact Assessment.

    Regarding IAIA activities, I expect the advantages of diversities among memb


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