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    Engr. Joseph Ronald Caedo

  • Outline

    Introduction / literature Basics of laser physics Matter acting on light Light acting on matter Medical laser applications Laser safety

  • Electromagnetic spectrum

  • LASER: Light Amplified by Stimulated Emission of Radiation

  • Laser beam characteristics

  • Matter acting on light

    reflection and refraction absorption and scattering

  • Reflection and refraction

    law of reflection: = law of refraction: n1 sin = n2 sin

  • Absorption tissue absorption according to Lambert-Beer:

    I(z) = I0 exp (z)

  • Scattering

  • Light acting on matter

  • Laser-tissue interactions

  • Photochemical interaction

  • Thermal interaction

  • Extra: Laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy (LITT)

  • Photoablation

  • Plasma-induced ablation

  • Photodisruption pulse duration: 1015 10 9 sec energy density: 1 1000 J/cm2 power density: 1011 1013 W/cm2 electric field strength: 107 108 V/cm

  • Laser applications in medicine

  • Laser applications in ophthalmology

    Indications: retinal detachment Cataract Glaucoma wrong-sightedness

  • Wrong-sightedness

  • Refractive power of the eye

  • Techniques in refractive corneal surgery

  • Model of keratomileusis

  • fs-LASIK: Laser in situ keratomileusis with the femtosecond laser

  • Laser applications in dentistry

  • Pain free caries therapy: Investigated laser systems

  • Caries diagnostics by plasma spectroscopy

  • Plasma spectroscopy

  • Laser applications in neurosurgery

  • Laser safety

  • Laser safety classes

  • Realized laser safety laser safety officer laser safety equipment:

    1. warning sign and warning lamp2. safety curtain3. safety glasses


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