Biomedical engineering and recent trends

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biomedical engineering and its recent applications are discussed


  • Biomedical Engineering and Recent Trends Muhd Hanzelah Zameer Khan 12 MEB169 GG 9460 A2MA Shoaib Ali 12 MEB 155 GG 9454 A2MA
  • Contents Introduction Applications Classification Sub-disciplines Recent trends BME in ZHCET Career in BME Conclusions References
  • Biomedical engineering Application of engineering principles and design Combines the skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences Used for healthcare purposes for diagnosis, monitoring, and therapy
  • Prominent applications Prostheses EEG
  • Cardiovascular technology Neural technology Orthopaedic technology Classification
  • Sub-disciplines within BME Biochemical-BME, based on Chemical engineering Bioelectrical-BME, based on Electrical engineering and Computer Science Biomechanical-BME, based on Mechanical engineering
  • Other related disciplines Tissue engineering Genetic engineering Pharmaceutical engineering Clinical engineering
  • Recent Trends in BME Medical Imaging Fusion Imaging Cardiac Imaging Lung Imaging
  • Recent Trends in BME Biomechanics Neuralgic Problems Muscoskeletal Problems
  • Recent Trends in BME Biomaterials-Bone regeneration Rehabilitation Engineering Bioinstrumentations
  • BME research at ZHCET Biosignal Research Division- Department of Electrical Engineering Workshop on Biomedical Engineering organised on 11th Feb,2014
  • Career Prospects Excellent job prospects and earning potential in the near future The biomedical engineering profession has a 72 percent, 10-year job growth forecast
  • Career Prospects
  • Conclusion Engineering for Life-Those working within the bioengineering field are of service to people. BME has wide range of applications and its true potential is yet to be discovered. Demands interdisciplinary collaborative research.
  • Bibliography Saad D. Alshamma, Advanced Trends in Biomedical Engineering, Sudan University for Science and technology ardio