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Government engineering college, Bhavnagar Contributer personality developmentBhavesh JamodEn. No :- 140210106026Branch :- civil 2nd sem

Guided by : Dr. Chetan TrivediMr. Himanshu Shrivastav

INTRODUCTION OF CONTRIBUTER:Name of the contributer :- Rajendrasinh Gohil

Occupation :- principal in higher secondery school

Degree :- M.A. Bed

Who is contributer ?

one who give something or add something which is better for the society according to the law are said to be a contributer ... A person who thinks that how he/she should helpful for organization as well as society..

Qualities in the successful peroson Performing work activity well Achieving the goal Being ethical Demonstrating human concern

He has a experience as a teacher from 8 years and upto 2 years he is working as a principal in higher secondery schoolHe is a successful as a vision...

He face the lot of challenges and problems . He thought that without struggle we can not get anything..Job satisfaction :- Internal satisfaction

Experience on facing senior :- Sometimes seniors help us and sometimes they not going with our expectations .

His vision is that from his side helps other with as god hand....

Cotribution to organization According to him organization help society and he is happy to that he is coming from education society..

conclusionDue to this quality according to me he is 75 % as a contributer.

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