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Dark Matter and neutrinos . Bhaskar Dutta. Texas A&M University. Allahverdi , Campbell, Dutta , Phys.Rev . D85 (2012) 035004 Allahverdi , Bornhauser , Dutta , Richardson-McDaniel Phys.Rev . D80 (2009) 055026 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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1Bhaskar DuttaTexas A&M UniversityDark Matter and neutrinos Allahverdi, Campbell, Dutta, Phys.Rev. D85 (2012) 035004Allahverdi, Bornhauser, Dutta, Richardson-McDaniel Phys.Rev. D80 (2009) 055026Allahverdi, Dutta, Richardson-McDaniel, Santoso, Phys.Lett. B677 (2009) 172MSSM x U(1)B-L22Only left-handed neutrinos have charges under SMUnder MSSM x U(1)B-L :

The new sneutrino: (inside ) can be a dark matter candidate of this model

Non-zero neutrino masses are well accommodated in U(1)B-L We have a new gauge boson: +SUSY partner

W = WMSSM + l NcHuL +

Lc contains ec and Nc Nc: Right Handed NeutrinoFields: Q Qc L Lc QB-L : 1/6 -1/6 -1/2 1/2 1 -1+ SUSY partners

R. Allahverdi, B. Dutta,K. Richardson-Mcdaniel, Y. SantosoPhys.Rev.D79:075005,2009

are MSSM singletsMSSM x U(1)B-L and Unification33The gauge couplings unify => gB-L (TeV) ~ 0.4: Low scale breakingWe use the spectrum (from the previous page) :

MSSM x U(1)B-L can be unified in SO(10) GUT Dutta, Mimura, Mohapatra; Phys.Rev. D87 (2013) 075008The unificationholds with QB-L for Higgs=3/2, -3/2 or(1, -1)Phys.Lett.B677:172,2009 R. Allahverdi, B. Dutta,K. Richardson-Mcdaniel, Y. SantosoThe B-L symmetry is broken: between EW scale to GUT scaleMSSM x U(1)B-L and Dark Matter44Sneutrino annihilate into new Higgs/fermions

S-channel Z, Higgs

T channel Z-ino

S-channel Z, HiggsF, A: Heavy Higgs final states are also there, but are mostly kinematically suppressedThe annihilation cross-sections involving Higgs are governed by the D terms interactions involving MZMSSM x U(1)B-L and ICECUBE55Case1: Sneutrinos annihilate to produce mostly taus, bsAll these final states produce neutrinosIceCube

m neutrino flux from Sunm rates detection taus, bs produce left handed neutrino in 3 body decay processesFrom SunMSSM x U(1)B-L and ICECUBE66Case 2: Sneutrinos annihilate to produce mostly Right-handed neutrinos which then decay into left handed neutrinos via Dirac coupling

mSUGRA: Hyperbolic branch/Focus point. Best case for mSUGRA at the IceCubeR. Allahverdi, S. Bornhauser, B. Dutta, K. Richardson-McdanielFrom Sun7Annihilation to Neutrinos

All-sky event rates for 150 GeV sneutrino DM scatters into 135 GeV RH neutrinos each of which decays to a light neutrino and SM Higgs

All-sky event rates for 150 GeV Neutralino DMtt (blue), WW (blue), bb (red)

Allahverdi, Campbell, Dutta8Majorana vs DiracCan we see the difference between Majorana Dirac type neutrino?

Light Neutrino mass: 1) l nL : Dirac type (l is very small) 2) : Majorana type (l is large, MR is 1 TeV or larger)

LHC? Any signal ? Indirect Detection? Any Signal

Also Neutrino mixing matrix introduces PMNS matrix flavor violation in the slepton sector: LHC signal? LFV In the context of mSUGRA: Allahverdi, Dutta, Kamon Krislock Phys.Rev. D86 (2012) 015026

9Majorana vs Dirac

Dirac Case: Nc does not decay due to small l, DNeff > 0, current Planck: 0:48+0.48-0.45

Majorana case: Nc decays into n + Higgs

Higgs decays into bs, ts: Photon signal (Fermi) and neutrino signal (IceCube)Indirect DetectionAllahverdi, Campbell, Dutta, Gao, In preparation10ConclusionNeutrino mass differences and mixing angles are well measured

Models which explain neutrino masses require new symmetry

These models can have new DM candidate, e.g., spin 0 sneutrino

The origin of neutrino mass can be distinguished indirect detection

The Lepton flavor violation arising in this model can be investigated at the LHC