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What is a dog obedience training?Dog obedience training is the basic training given to dogs and puppies which teaches them how to behave well and abstain from misbehavior.

Why does your dog need it?Some dogs shows behavioral problems like chewing items and biting people along with littering and not following the owners commands. This may lead to serious problem in future, as your dogs become more and more disoriented. The dog obedience training is to make your dog more attentive and compliant.

What is the ideal age for dog obedience training?It is better to train your dog or puppy as early as eight weeks, however, you can also train a bigger dog who has no formal training earlier.

What to look in a training center while taking your dog for the training?You need to make sure that the trainer is professional and can handle your dog properly, also see that your dog is taken care of well and is given proper attention. You also need to see that the training is done regularly and your dog is given enough rest in between the training sessions.

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