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1. 2. Training & Services Dog Obedience Training Dog Behavior Modification Katy Kennel Dog boarding Physical ConditioningAbout Us: Shelmar Kennels s dog training center located outside of old town katy. We specialize in houston dog training. 3. Dog Obedience Training: - This is one of best training or we can say best thing you can do for your puppy. In this we open a line of communication and this is our also.Dog Behavior Modification:- In this training we change a dogs reaction to situation, a person, a thing. We provide other different facility under this training. 4. Katy Kennel Dog boarding : - We provide long term boarding facility this is essential because it help to make dog familer with trainer.Physical Conditioning:- It Doesn't mean to concentrate on physical task or exercise but also strength and warm up. 5. My Pet Photo SlideA dog-shaped 6. Address:- 28028 Beckendorff Drive Katy TX 77493 281-371-2554 7. Address:- 28028 Beckendorff Drive Katy TX 77493 281-371-2554


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