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  • The Belize TimesThe Truth Shall Make You Free

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    16 FEBRUARY 2014 | ISSUE NO: 4882 | $1.00


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    PUP to ComPol:

    CitCo tax SuCkerS!

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    Prosecute Penner or else!!

    Belize City, February 13, 2014The Opposition Leader Hon.

    Francis Fonseca through an attor-ney has written the Commission-er of Police Allen Whylie advising him that if there is no move by the Police to prosecute corrupt UDP Area Representative Elvin Penner by Tuesday February 18th, the Peoples United Party will im-mediately seek the Courts inter-vention in order to force the Com-Pol to do his job!

    On behalf of the Opposition Leader, former Solicitor General Senior Counsel Edwin Flowers wrote the ComPol on February 7th, laying out an entire case as to why Penner should be crim-inally prosecuted. Flowers indi-cated that the ComPols inaction would be detrimental to justice, as the six month statute bar for

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    Another Million for Brother BI, at the top of the pyramid, run

    completely straight, says PM Bar-row as another MILLION is paid out to Brother Denys in legal fees

    New $10 vehicle inspection fee angers city residents

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    BArrOW prEdICTS Udp dEfEAT!

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    SLAIN IN OWStephen Kuylen

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    Continued on page 20

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    The Belize TimesThe Truth Shall Make You Free

    Established 1957

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    oPiNioNout out

    out out

    ! !! !First Corruption, now PM Barrow

    redefines Integrity?

    Someone PLEASE stone Castro!

    Give the Teachers a Raise of Pay No

    Matter What!

    Nepotism, Favouritism &


    DEAR EDItOR,UDP Leader

    Dean Barrow has been heard attempt-ing to redefine the

    word Corruption for disgraced UDP politicians Elvin Penner and Edmond Castro, and now he seems to want to redefine Integrity for a UDP crony who he wants to have as a member of the esteemed Integrity Com-mission.

    After ignoring the important constitutional body for five long years Barrow finally appointed Governments members last week. But I want to tell your readers that it wasnt out of any genuine intention. On the contrary, Barrow had to cave in to international pressure for greater check and balance over his administration. Uncle Sam is watching this crowd closely. Re-member the Castro recording at the US Embassy?

    Readers must ask the UDP Government what special rela-tionship they have with Armead Gabourel. This lady seems to enjoy special treatment by the Barrow Administration. Aside from the Integrity Commission, she apparently sits on the Belize District liquor licensing board, the Elections and Boundaries board and the KHMH board. But she was also a Board Director of the Belize Airport Authority! This is cause for great concern for us.

    Gabourel is part of the no-torious set that was forced to resign from the BAA for allow-ing and condoning the payment of BAA funds to the Minister of

    Respect Mr. Editor,When I heard Edmond Clear

    the checks Castro say that he who is without sin should cast the first stone, I just wished one of our representatives would have stoned

    him. The reason being is that Castros misdeeds are in the category of outrageous; an abomina-tion and very corrupt, not just distasteful. He is a heathen!!

    To make it worst, it is the same Castro who went to Taiwan and was tempted to make a fool of himself with his official chaperone. It is the same Castro who was fired by no other than his boss Barrow for taking money from a Beliz-ean American woman for land that turned into a scam, it is the same Castro who is accused of being involved in a big money visa hustle and it is the same Castro who recently dipped his hands into the funds of the airport authority and got the Board to issue checks for a bike shop, dentist, for a funeral and so many other things.

    As for being poor, Castro really made a fool of himself because he has a take home pay of $2,900 but yet probably hustles three times over in the streets. Castro has made us humble dreads look bad. To us in the streets, Castro has gone from Clear the Land to Clear the Checks. Had I been given that chance, I would have stoned him on behalf of Rural North and Belize. That dread really mek tings dred!

    Signed,Ras Tench

    State in the Ministry of Transport, Edmond Castro, for his personal and political use. To Barrow, the fleecing of funds may have been distasteful but not corrupt, but for us Belizeans it was outright hustling. Tens of thousands of dollars from the public cof-fers handed over to Castro via dozens of cheques approved by the Board.

    According to fellow Board member Lindsay Garbutt, the Board was just pro-viding social assistance that turned into political assistance to Castro. This Board

    approved the cheques for Castros moth-ers funeral service, they maintained his son Jafari Castro with hundreds of dollars weekly, paid for Castros bicycle repairs and for chicken and beers at his political events.

    Every action of the UDP Leader Dean Barrow indicates that his Party is unraveling in Government and acting in total desperation. Belizeans, please open your eyesstop buying into the cover up of the UDPs wrongdoing. They must go!!

    Signed,Frank Edwards

    DEAR EDItOR,Teachers lay

    the foundation upon which the ed-ucational system

    and our society stand. Teach-ers work unceasingly, spend extra hours preparing teaching plans, checking papers and preparing assignments at late hours in the night, giving extra classes to children when need-ed, even spending their own money to educate our children, our nation.

    The Ministry of Education overburdens them with so many additional requirements, subjects and topics to their al-ready heavy laden syllabus. Too much is expected and demand-ed from teachers by the Minis-try. To top it up, it was Ministry of Education who left teachers completely limp and at the chil-drens advantage when corpo-ral punishment was removed. Today children without shame much less consideration stand up to teachers and tell them in their face: You cant do any-thing to me, just touch me and Ill take you to court; children disrespect and threaten teach-ers protected by law in Belize. No wonder so many teachers health are deteriorating with an

    DEAR EDItOR,I saw an arti-

    cle in the BELIZE TIMES last week about nepotism at City Hall and had to

    add to it. Mrs. Barbara Miller who was asked to resign from the Belize Airport Authority be-cause of questionable checks written to Minister of State Edmund Castro, is the mother of the Belize City Administra-tor Mrs. Candice Burke. Now Mrs. Miller is one of a few ap-proved persons who got one of those booths at the BTL Park. The Mayors mother-in-law also got one. Now you will tell me that it is just by coincidence? This is why the Mayor had no choice but to defend the fact that Councillor Michael Theus got one also.

    The truth that Mrs. Miller got one of the booths must have slipped quietly because no one must have made the connection between the two. Now Mrs. Burke sits on the Trade Licensing Board but does

  • THE BELIZE TIMES16 FEB 2014 3 03

    Francis Fonseca

    Continued on page 8

    rOTTEN frOM TOp TO BOTTOMBelize City, February 10th 2014

    The Prime Minister has finally decided to activate the Integrity Commission after this body has laid dormant and inactive during the entire first term of the UDP administration and after two years into their second term.

    One of the persons appointed by Mr. Barrow to sit on this pres-tigious Integrity Commission is one Armead Gabourel a rabid UDP fanatic who seems to be a favour-ite of the Prime Minister. The Pre-vention of Corruption in Public Life states that the members of the In-tegrity Commission shall be per-sons of integrity and high national standing.

    The BELIZE TIMES probe into the scores of cheques issued by the Belize Airports Authority to Minister of State Edmund Castro or for his constituents puts into question how high up on the integ-

    rity totem pole sits Ms. Armead Gabourel.

    You see Ms. Gabourel is a member of various UDP appointed Boards including until the Castro scandal broke, a member of the Belize Airports Authority. A close inspection of many of the cheques issued by the BAA for the bene-fit of Edmund Castro shows that they were countersigned by the said Armead Gabourel. This racket according to the Prime Minister was distasteful and wrong. In the opinion of most Belizeans, it was plainly corrupt.

    Several of these cheques signed by Armead Gabourel were made payable to CDS Gas Station on the Burrell Boom road for Min-ister Castro.