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  • The Belize TimesThe Truth Shall Make You Free

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    City GanG Warfare esCalates

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    No Escape for Penner!

    From the bottom of the barrel!

    PUP asks Supreme Court to order a

    Criminal Investigation

    25 yr. old murdered in retaliation for Tues-

    day night shooting

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    Erwin Contreras

    Noh Mul destroyers Gaspar Vega and Denny Grijalva

    Belize City, February 20, 2014Having barely survived the monstrosities that are the

    scandals of Elvin Penner and Edmond Castro, the UDP seems hell bent to make corruption, fraud and criminal be-havior, even involving international goons, the hallmarks of their last term ever in office.

    Just as the hopes of Belizeans increase for the Peoples United Party to keep a failing system in check to ensure that the known UDP wrongdoers face the full weight of the law, there is more news that the UDP continues to abuse our country at the operation of vicious international charlatans such as Kim Won Hong.

    Ralph Huang

    The elusive Lord Neil Gibson

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    From the bottom of the barrel!

    The BELIZE TIMES has been investigat-ing the sudden rise of shady characters who have become Standard Bearers for the ruling United Democratic Party, and the result is frightening.

    We begin with Ralph Huang, a native of Taiwan, who supposedly won a so-called UDP convention last weekend in the Cayo South Division. Huangs victory surprised most because he is a total political unknown. Huang came to the political fore only sever-al weeks ago when he began going to the communities offering paper goodies to vil-lagers.

    Huangs official entrance has been cele-brated by the UDP with open palms, but infor-mation surrounding this mysterious character is very disturbing. Evidence has surfaced that Huang is backed by an ever shadier character only known as Lord Neil Gibson.

    For several years Gibson has been run-ning a major scam using Belizes name. He claims that his major company LNBG LLC is investing in large projects in areas of health, renewable energy, science and agriculture in the country. He backs those claims with video presentations, available on several of his suspicious websites and YouTube, which he reportedly presented to senior officials of the Barrow Administration including Erwin Contreras, Minister of Trade, Investment and Consumer Protection of Her Majestys Gov-ernment of Belize and no other than Ralph Huang, who is referred to as the Deputy Minister of Trade, Investment and Consumer Protection of Her Majestys Government of Belize.

    One of the companies, Handels Securi-ties, was blacklisted by this same Barrow Ad-ministration through a February 13th Central Bank Notice which declared that the compa-ny is not licensed to provide banking or finan-cial business in or within Belize. The notice warned persons who had information on the companys activities in Belize to report it to authorities.

    But Minister Erwin Contreras tried to override the Banks authority and distributed official letters through his Ministry to back Handels Securities/Mr. Neil B. Gibson as be-ing licensed until 2014. According to Contre-ras the Central Bank had erred in blacklisting Handels Securities. We fully support Han-dels Securities Ltd. in their vision and efforts to help build the country of Belize and other nations, he wrote in a March 24th 2013 letter.

    Huangs convention win has elated Lord

    Continued from page 1

    Gibson. With a twisted sense of humor, Huang was referred to as the Golden Child in one of the elusive investors YouTube video which has now been suddenly removed from the web. More disturbingly is that the Lords announce-ment via the video that Huang now awaits his appointment as a Minister on the UDP Cabinet.

    Minister of what??Lord Gibsons

    involvement with of-ficials of the Barrow Administration is high-ly suspicious. Photos have surfaced with meetings between him and various UDP officials including the Prime Ministers wife Kim Simpliss-Barrow, Minister Edmond Castro, Minister Er-win Contreras, and former Area Repre-sentative Salvador Fernandez.

    The other shady character who has be-come a UDP standard bearer is no other than Denny Grijalva, of Noh Mul destruc-tion fame.

    In May of last year, equipment be-longing to Grijalvas company, De Mars Stone Company, bulldozed an ancient Maya Ruin located in the outskirts of the Corozal District. It was later revealed that Grijalvas compa-ny had been excavat-ing the site for days to extract material for road fill in the constit-uency of the Deputy Prime Minister Gas-par Vega. De Mars had contravened the laws in multiple ways: bulldozing a heritage site and failing to ap-ply for a proper exca-vation license. Only after public pressure pressed the authori-ties did the Police file charges against Gri-

    jalva. Since then, the criminal case against Grijalva has languished in Court, clearly due to political pres-sure from the UDP.

    This weekend however, Grijalva was endorsed by Deputy Leader Gas-par Vega as their standard bearer for Orange Walk Central. Grijalva howev-er is no stranger to politics, having lost two elections already; including a convention in Orange Walk East and then the 2012 general elections in Or-ange Walk Central.

    UDP Leader Dean Barrow seems to be pulling out candidates from the very bottom of the barrel as his Gov-ernment and Partys credibility are at an all-time low. The likes of Papa Mena whose name came up in the Chinese/Visa scandal, Edmond Cas-tro, Pablo Marin, Gaspar Vega, Elodio Aragon, Boots Martinez, Eden Marti-nez et al is proof that, as the saying goes, the UDP noh have no change fu change.

    In the upcoming weeks, the BE-LIZE TIMES will continue to expose the shenanigans of the UDP and in particular those candidates hiding dead bodies in their cabinets. The truth shall always make us free.

    The Lord meets secretly with UDP officials including Erwin Contreras, Salvador Fer-

    nandez and Edmund Castro

    The Lord and PM Barrows wife at a special event

    Business and political partners Contreras and Huang

  • THE BELIZE TIMES23 FEB 2014 3 03

    Francis Fonseca

    No Escape for Penner!PUP asks Supreme Court to

    order a Criminal InvestigationBelize City, February 19, 2014

    The Peoples United Party has turned to the Supreme Court in order for UDP area representative Elvin Pen-ner to face justice for his criminal act of illegally facilitated nationality and passport documents to an internation-al criminal, South Korean fugitive Kim Won Hong, last year.

    The move by the PUP has come about because the Barrow Adminis-tration has protected and defended Penner, and has frustrated and in-timidated every possible chance of a proper investigation by various author-ities, instead of defending our laws. Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the UDP hold a razor thin majority in the House of Representatives that would be much closer to collapsing if Penner

    goes to trial and is found guilty, as would be expected in the face of the mountain of evidence of wrong-doing.

    Despite the evidence that ex-ists, Barrow has declared publicly that he sees no criminal wrongdo-ing and has defended Penners po-litical longevity to save his own. His declaration seems to have scared away the Police Department and the Financial Intelligence Unit.

    Last week, aware that the stat-ute bar for a criminal prosecution in Penners case ends in March, the PUP called on the Commissioner of Police Allen Whylie to act with urgency. On behalf of the Opposi-tion former Solicitor General Edwin Flowers wrote Whylie a detailed let-

    ter presenting reasons why Penner should be criminally investigated. Flowers warned that if Whylie re-fused to act within 7 days, a legal motion would be filed in Court on behalf of the Opposition, to request for a Writ of Mandamus which would essentially force the ComPol to act.

    With the UDP Government frus-trating all efforts to bring about jus-tice, on Wednesday February 19th PUP legal advisor Anthony Sylvestre Jr. submitted the legal motion be-fore the Supreme Court. The Court will now review the application and will provide a date to decide on its merit.

    In September last year, Penner and the UDP were wrapped up in the biggest immigration scandal when it was exposed that the UDP Cayo North East representative had provided Belizean nationality and a passport to a South Korean national