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  • Beginners guide

    to periscope

    Ashley Faus


  • What is periscope?

    Periscope is a live streaming video app that connects with Twitter.

  • How can I share

    my broadcasts?

    When you start broadcasting, a link will be automatically

    shared to your Twitter feed. You can retweet the link to invite

    others to the live viewing, and you can copy and paste this link to share the Periscope broadcast

    with other platforms for both live viewing and replays.

    Handy Tip: Make sure the "auto-tweet" is on to automatically share your broadcast on your Twitter feed when you go live!

  • 01

    Alert Your Followers

    If a broadcast is planned in advance, tweet at least 1 hour before to alert your followers

    that youll be broadcasting.

    Tweet again 5-10 minutes before you go live.

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    Alert people who are going to be in the vicinity that youre

    live streaming.

    Ask permission before filming anyone else!

  • 03

    Choose your

    camera orientation

    Live streaming is changing traditional filming rules. Vertical videos are no

    longer taboo. This is especially true if your primary audience will be viewing

    the broadcast on their phones.

    But, if you plan to share the broadcast on other channels later, film

    horizontally to avoid the dreaded vertical video syndrome.

  • 04

    Introduce yourself

    Introduce yourself and the content of the video when you begin the broadcast. Since people can tune in from Twitter or the Periscope app, they may

    not be familiar with who you are or the topics that you cover. Im Ashley, and were doing

    a Q&A about how to use Periscope for business!

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    Allow 15-30 seconds for people to join the broadcast. Dont give away the most important information in the first 5 seconds without repeating it again.

  • 06

    keep giving


    If your broadcast will be longer than 10 minutes, repeat who you are and what youre talking about every so often, particularly if you see notifications that a bunch of

    new people are joining the broadcast. They need a little

    context, so help them out!

    Examples: Im having a great time on this behind-the-scenes look at a photoshoot for [product]! Thanks for joining me at this photoshoot for [product]!

  • 07

    Mitigate motion


    If youre going to pan or walk, state that to the audience before you start moving! If you can, pick

    a fixed point to focus on (like someones face in the frame).

    Pan slowly around a scene to avoid making your audience nauseous.

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    Comments show up in the lower left of the screen, and they come

    in unfiltered (including the inappropriate ones!).

    If it makes sense to answer questions or acknowledge

    commenters during the broadcast, do so in the most appropriate way.

    Example: If a viewer asks, When will the product be available? You should answer, The product will be on sale on [date] at [locations]!

  • 09

    How to

    handle hearts

    Hearts are similar to Facebook likes or clapping from a live

    audience. They pop up throughout a broadcast in the lower right corner.

    Thank the general audience

    for hearts occasionally, and if a certain topics get a burst of hearts,

    acknowledge that verbally and stay on that topic if you can.

  • 10

    Block the bullies

    Dont let rude or offensive commenters ruin your broadcast! You can block users from commenting by tapping on their name when the comment appears and choosing block.

    If youre unable to manage users while youre streaming, you can block users by searching for them and choosing

    block user after the broadcast concludes.

  • 11

    Sign off with a cta

    Sign off with a call to action, like visiting a unique URL related to the broadcast, following on you Twitter,

    or sharing the replay of the broadcast with their followers.

  • Beginners guide

    to periscope

    Ashley Faus


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