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Some of the most famous (and not so famous) facts surrounding gold and its applications. Created by Lois Jewellery:


  • 1. http: //lois-jewellerycom AU 79is the Symbol for gold is the atomickgtumber of goCharacteristicsGold is the most malleable of all metalsSome Random FactsSmall traces of gold have beenfound in eucalyptus trees It can easily be dissolved into mercuryHuman bodies contain 0.02 mgs of gold,most of it in the blood. It is a good conductor of heat,electricity andreflects infrared radiationProductionAll the gold ever mined isOlympic Gold Medals contain 1.34% of gold. The top 5 gold mining countries (as of 2013) thought to total le5,000 China lODe3- Australia South Africa has been the [SSA- source of a large proportion Ussld of the world's gold supply Perusince i 880Applications of goldJewellery Monetary Medicine Pure gold is very eXChange Gold injections havesoft,and so it is 9'30 been , U'3e_d T0 USUOW alloyed Wh Most famously,gold has relieve swelling in the base meml i been used 03 Cl form of treatment of drthritisjewellery money.from as far back as T d | d_ d_0 Cf),Q0 IS use | fiestorative dentistry,for crowns and fillings. Hovvever,by the time of theInvestment l 970s,the system of converting currency directly Food Gold is the most into gold W08 being popular investment,Obondoned by World Gold leaf is used in with it often being governments Witn Tne some gourmet sold off in times of United Stoites refusing to foods.economic redeem its money in gold. Gold has the E number 175dovvnturn.