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THE FIRM Bark & Co is one of the UKs leading fraud and business crime firms. The firms highly-skilled lawyers are committed to providing expert advice at every stage of proceedings. The firms principal aims are to avoid expensive litigation whenever possible and to fight tenaciously to protect its clients interests.Established in 1996 by Giles Bark-Jones, Bark & Co has developed into one of the Countrys most progressive and successful fraud firms. A founder member of the Specialist Fraud Panel, the firm specialises in commercial and criminal fraud as well as serious crime, business and tax regulation, tax investigations and corporate obligations associated with health and safety enforcement. The firm acts for private individuals as well as national and international companies. It has also established itself as a leader in the field of cash and asset recovery in both criminal and civil courts.


  • 1.London, United Kingdom

2. DX 447 LondonChancery Lane Email: Bridewell Court, 14 New Bridge Street, Website: London, Greater London Senior Partner: Giles United KingdomBark-Jones EC4V 6AG Partners: 1 Tel (020) 7353 1990 Assistants: 29 Fax (020) 7353 1880 Other fee-earners: 19 3. Bark & Co is one of the UKs A founder member of theleading fraud and business Specialist Fraud Panel, thecrime firms. The firmsfirm specialises inhighly-skilled lawyers are commercial and criminalcommitted to providing fraud as well as seriousexpert advice at every stage crime, business and taxof proceedings. The firms regulation, tax investigationsprincipal aims are to avoidand corporate obligationsexpensive litigation associated with health andwhenever possible and to safety enforcement. The firmfight tenaciously to protect acts for private individualsits clients well as national andEstablished in 1996 by Giles international companies. ItBark-Jones, Bark & Co hashas also established itself asdeveloped into one of thea leader in the field of cashCountrys most progressive and asset recovery in bothand successful fraud firms.criminal and civil courts. 4. Bark & Co prides itself onthe individual expertise ofits lawyers, the collectivestrength of its specialistteams and their skill intailoring advice to matcheach clients individualcircumstances. Bark &Cos rigorouscommitment to quality ofadvice and personalisedservice has lead tosignificant work throughreferrals by both clientsand other leading lawfirms. 5. Bark & Co handles a the Financial Serviceswide range of high-Authority (FSA), theprofile white-collar Special Compliancecrime and fraudOffice of the Inlandcases, including Revenue, the Crownprosecutions and Prosecution Serviceinvestigations brought (CPS), Tradingby the Serious Standards and otherOrganised Crimeprosecuting bodies.Agency (SOCA), HMRevenue &Customs, the SeriousFraud Office (SFO) 6. Bark & Co became a member It has acknowledged expertsof the Serious Fraud Panel at in VAT and duties tribunalits inception and is awork, tax regulation, defencemember of the Very High of dutyCosts Cases panel (VHCC)evasion, moneylaunderingqualified to deal with theand carousel fraud, as wellmost complex of criminalas mortgagematters.Acknowledged as fraud, investmentone of the leaders in the field fraud, corruption, pensionof corporate and commercial fund fraud, telecomsfraud, the firm has defendedfraud, theft, fraudulentagainst many of the major trading by companyprosecutions brought by the directors and Internet fraud.SFO and other governmentDedicated teams also dealagencies. with confiscation and post-and pre-charge restraintproceedings. 7. Recent important cases include Bark & Co also represents ainstructions in a high profileManaging Director of aand politically sensitive FSA prominent international bankprosecution of directors (iSoft)involved in alleged insiderin relation to the new NHS IT trading; this is part of ansystem and the defence of the unprecedented and high profileDirectors of a Carbon Trading crackdown on fraud by the FSAcompany in an 85m fraud. and SOCA; Bark & Co areOther cases include the defence defending in another FSAof two Directors of a specialistprosecution of an alleged 11-division of Vantis PLC in a handed insider dealing fraudhighly publicised case of alleged involving two prominenttax relief fraud. investment banks and alsodefended in R v Law, Roberts &Harvey, another high profileSFO prosecution concerningfraudulent trading at asubsidiary of Alfred McAlpinePLC. 8. Bark & Co continues to act The firms wide rangingin high-profile criminal portfolio of cases includestrials, including cases of the ongoing high-profilemurder, moneycase of a privatelaundering, drugsinvestigator murderedimportations, armedover 22 years ago in arobbery and people-London pub car park. Asmuggling. The firmtotal of five separatefocuses on high-end work,investigations have beenoften involving crimelaunched, involving tensacross international of thousands of hours ofboundaries and police work and utilisingjurisdictions. long-term intrusive undercover surveillance. 9. Bark & Co also adviseprivate individuals andnational andFor moreinternational companies information, please seefacing investigation or our website.criminal proceedings asa result of beaches ofthe Health and Safety Areas of Practice:Act, taking cases fromWhite-Collar Crime/Fraud: 85%pre-charge interviews General Crime: 15%through to trial.