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Mr Kweku Adoboli was today granted bail after a successful bail application at Southwark Crown Court. Mr Tim Harris, Solicitor on this matter said his client was "delighted, very emotional and would like to thank all his family and friends for their support. Mr Adoboli is due to be released from Wandsworth prison on Monday pending the bail terms being satisfied.Mr Bark-Jones, partner at Bark & Co Solicitors said "Our client is both emotional and delighted at the outcome of today's bail hearing. He looks forward to working on his case at our London offices."11/06/2012 - Bark & Co Solicitors are happy to confirm that Mr Adoboli satisfied bail terms and has been released on bail.Press Coverage:The BBCThe Telegraph [release on 11/06/12]The IndependentEvening StandardThe StandardPress AssociationDaily RecordInternational Business TimesYahoo NewsMedia organisations, journalists and bloggers are cautioned to carefully bear in mind their reporting of this matter pursuant to their responsibilities under the Contempt of Court Act.


  • 1.Mr Kweku AdoboliGranted Bail- Bark & Co Solicitors

2. Mr Kweku Adoboli was today granted bail after a successfulbail application at Southwark Crown Court. Mr TimHarris, Solicitor on this matter said his client was"delighted, very emotional and would like to thank all his familyand friends for their support. Mr Adoboli is due to be releasedfrom Wandsworth prison on Monday pending the bail termsbeing satisfied.Mr Bark-Jones, partner at Bark & Co Solicitors said "Our clientis both emotional and delighted at the outcome of todays bailhearing. He looks forward to working on his case at ourLondon offices.11/06/2012 - Bark & Co Solicitors are happy to confirm thatMr Adoboli satisfied bail terms and has been released on bail. 3. PRESS COVERAGE: TheBBC Press Association The Telegraph Daily Record[release on International11/06/12] Business Times The Independent Yahoo News Evening Standard The Standard 4. Mediaorganisations,journalists andbloggers are cautioned to carefully bear inmind their reporting of this matter pursuantto their responsibilities under the Contemptof Court Act. 5. Met Police review Daniel Morgan murder over News of the World linkIt is reported that the Met Police willnow investigate a News of The Worldlink concerning the Daniel MorganMurder (R v Vian & Others). 6. Mr Glen Vian, represented by Bark & Co,was acquitted in March 2011. 7. Kweku Adoboli pleads not guilty at Southwark Crown CourtMr Adoboli has today entered a plea ofnot guilty at Southwark Crown Court. 8. PRESS COVERAGE OF THE MATTER: Sky News Coverage CFO World The Times (s) The Daily Record The Guardian Government On-Line Business week Yahoo Wall Street Journal efinancial news Bloomberg Irish Times Reuters Economic Times The Washington Post Euro News BBC USA Today New York Times ABC News The Mirror Canadian Business Google Deal World 9. Bark and Co act for Mr Kweku AdoboliAs has been reported widely in the press, Bark &Co can confirm we act for Mr Kweku Adoboli.The firm do not intend to comment in detail on thecase at this stage. Media organisations, journalistsand bloggers are cautioned to carefully bear inmind their reporting of this matter pursuant to theirresponsibilities under the Contempt of Court Act. 10. Deferred Prosecution Agreements(CL&JW)"Should corporate justice be served orprocured?"Bark & Co fraud lawyer Tim Harris discussesin Criminal Law & Justice weekly if the use ofUS style deferred prosecution agreementscould be useful in the UK. 11. R v Thakrar - client acquittedBark & Co Solicitors have successfully secured theacquittal of Kevan Thakrar. Our client is a servingprisoner having previously been convicted of triplemurder in2009.Kevan Thakrar was charged with 2 counts of attemptmurder and 3 counts of causing grievous bodily harmwith intent. All allegations related to attacks on prisonofficersinHMP Frankland,Durham. 12. Giving evidence, Kevan Thakrar informed the jury that hesuffers from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder following anattack on him by officers within the prison system. Hisdefence centred around the bullying and racism that he hassustained whilst in the prison system and that his actions werein self defence.The Solicitor instructed, Marie Bourke, along with a dedicateddefence team from Bark & Co, sought and succeeded inobtaining information which severely undermined theprosecution case and highlighted the torturous regime which isalive within the prison system. Great lengths were taken tosecure evidence from legal professionals, professionals withinthe medical field, as well as serving prisoners. 13. R v Hanson - case dismissedThe Crown Prosecution Service formally offered noevidence against our client leading to His HonourJudge Hone QC directing a Not Guilty verdict.Our client was charged with Conspiracy to Murderan allegation which, for the past 5 years, he hasalways vehemently denied. He was represented bysolicitor Marie Bourke, of this firm. 14. The case rested on one supergrass witness andfollowing legal arguments, the Judge ruled that theevidence of this witness should be excluded fromthe case, he stated that By the time the summing upof Gary Eatons evidence of unreliability, fabricationand fantasy had concluded, it would be impossibleto find a sufficient bedrock of truth upon which aproperly directed jury could convict any of thesedefendants. 15. PRESS LINKS: The Guardian The BBC TheIndependent The Metro This Is London 16. HMRC withdraw from 9 Appeals against AbbeyForwarding LTDIn a ground breaking decision, the Commissionersfor Her Majestys Revenue and Customs (HMRC)have withdrawn their resistance to the 9 Appealsfiled on behalf of Abbey Forwarding Limited by thethree ex directors and have been ordered to paycosts.This decision to withdraw was made following anAbuse of Process Application made by Bark & CoSolicitors. The Appeals related to excise duty andVAT assessments raised by HMRC totalling over 7million. 17. Bark & Co defend alleged fraud at FreshfieldsBruckhaus Deringer LLPBark & Co have been instructed by a director of acompany being investigated for fraud by abuse ofposition, conspiracy to defraud and moneylaundering. The fraud is alleged to have occurred inthe provision of IT servicesto Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer LLP. It is allegedthat payments were made for fictitious work doneand that the conspiracy involved employees of thefirm.Our client denies the allegations and that he hasacted dishonestly. 18. Bark and Co represents client in InternetFraud conspiracy allegationWe are recently instructed in the defence ofan investigation into an alleged conspiracy todefraud a large well-known internationalInternet marketing company. 19. Solicitor Arrested in Alleged ShareMarketing FraudBark & Co are representing a solicitor arrested inconnection with an offshore share marketingscheme. It is alleged that our client conspired withthe directors of a Spanish company to defraudindividuals and that our client then used its firmsclient account to accept investors money anddistribute it accordingly. 20. The Bribery Act 2010 comes into force (01/07/2011)The 2010 Bribery Act comes into force today. It remains to beseen how this legislation will be applied in practice by thevarious enforcement agencies, but the Act has potentially farreaching consequences for any UK based companies (andindividuals) who operate in territories where normal businesspractice could fall foul of the strict definitions of the offences. Itis therefore essential that companies, both large and small, whofall into potential risk categories, should act to protect thecompany and its executives by implementing procedures incompliance with the MOJ guidelines. This would ensure apotential full defence. 21. R v Hookway - Police Bail Law ChangesFollowing a decision in R v Hookway, the Police canno longer bail subjects following arrest for more thana maximum of 96 hours from the time detention wasfirst authorised. After this time a charging decision isrequired to be made. Bark & Co are urgentlyreviewing all our cases that this decision will affect. 22. Bark & Co Act for Chauffer against banking magnate Julius Meinl in a dispute over customBentleyBark & Co Solicitors are acting for Mr Roshandel, anformer employee of banking executive Mr JuliusMeinl, in a dispute over the ownership of a 200,000custom Bentley. 23. $2.2 Bn Liberian deal being investigated by City of London PoliceBark & Co are instructed to represent Mr A. He is underinvestigation by City of London Police Overseas AntiCorruption Unit concerning alleged improprieties in a $2.2billion deal with the Liberian Government for the concessionover 400,000 hectares of rainforest to be used for a carbonoffset project. The matter is being investigated under thePrevention of Corruption Act 1906. All allegations are denied.An investigation was also launched by the Liberian President. 24. 14 Arrested in Police RaidBark & Co are representing two peoplefollowing the arrest of 14 made during a raidby Metropolitan Police at a Garage inSouthall, West London (19/05/2010). Threeof those initially arrested were un-arrestedbefore 11 were taken into custody by Police. 25. NEWS COVERAGE: Sky BBC The Sun The Independent 26. Client Acquitted of Money Laundering & CannabisAllegationsR v Z - Leeds Crown Court - Bark & Co successfullydefended a client accused of Money Laundering andproduction and supply of 3,000 cannabis plants at afactory run by an organised crime gang. 27. Police v K - Case DroppedBark & Co acted for the principal of an accountancy firm, thepremises of whom was raided by the Ministry of Defence Police onsuspicion of conspiring to launder funds on behalf of a client.Further, the MOD alleged that since accountancy firms areclassified as falling within a regulated sector, a second offencewas committed by the principal for failing to make an authoriseddisclosure. Bark & Co considered from the outset that there wasscant evidence to support the approval of a warrant and theallegations of the MOD. We immediately challenged the lawfulnessof the warrant and later advised our client in interview and maderobust written representations as to why our client should not haveknown or suspected money laundering. The investigation of ourclient has today been discontinued without charge. 28. This case provides a salutary example toclients in the regulated sector of theimportance of ensuring best practice inmoney laundering compliance especiallygiven regulator enthusiasm to embark oncostlyand reputationally damaginginvestigationsonminimal evidentialgrounds. 29. Breaking News: R v Vian & Others - Case DroppedThe case against our client has today beendiscontinued in the Central Criminal Court ("The OldBailey"). Representing our client were Senior SolicitorMrs Alison Hill of this firm and leading defenceCounsel Mr David Whitehouse QC and Mr EdmundGritt. Mrs Hill gave a short statement to