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  • Bank Mobile Wallet.

    Hardware-software complex to manage accounts,

    e-wallets, payment and loyalty cards in single application.


  • Why the Banks Need Mobile Wallets?


    Why mobile wallets?

    For banks, its an affordable tool for day-to-day banking operations, which is an essential competitive advantage to attract the

    young, relatively affluent and tech-savvy clients, making the most profitable market segment.

    If the Banks focus on mobile wallets, they will reduce the risk to loose their market share to non-banking market players and

    to prevent reducing their role as commodity transaction service provider

    Mobile wallets can be a powerful tool to acquire the unbanked population*

    Mobile wallets help the Bank to address existing customers pain points need to carry too many cards, keep track of due

    dates and offers, etc.

    Mobile wallets help to save the Banks costs on performing payment and transfer transaction in the Banks branches

    84% of consumers who own a mobile phone trust their own bank the most to provide a mobile payment app**

    Mobile wallets help banks to capture a wealth of data related to customers financial behavior. The data can be utilized to

    provide the superior services tailored to each customers needs

    Using mobile coupons and loyalty programs, the Bank can collaborate with retailers and to build its brand, including in places

    where its not typically visible

    The banks, in accordance with their constant business goal of increasing customer wallet share, should

    take a closer look at a possibility of enabling mobile payment services for their client.

  • Bank Mobile Wallet: Advantage for Clients


    For customers:

    Mobile platform, turning a smartphone

    into a powerful payment and loyalty tool

    Online 2 transactions

    One-click payments

    Simple and secure authorization

    Access to financial services for underbanked populations

  • Mobile Wallet: basic version


    Simple identification and


    Using QR codes and one-time

    passwords (OTP) to log in

    Payment tools


    Balances on bank accounts (current,

    deposit, credit, card) and e-wallets,

    Money transfers between different

    payment tools,

    Accounts, cards, e-wallets refill,

    Connection of other banks payment


    Creating and using templates

    Money Transfers

    Card-to-card transfers (Visa &


    Transfers wallet-to-wallet


    Mobile accounts refill, utility

    payments, payments to service


    Third party payments,

    Online and offline payments using QR



    Currency exchange rates,


    Help and customer support.

  • Business Proposal


    Turnkey mobile wallet solution for $30 000; launch in 3 months

    *Additional costs:

    The platform tech support 1st 3 months free, the next 6 months $1000/month, then $2000/months (up to 100 K users)

    Functionality revisions, not specified within the functionality of the 1st release, and integration with local service providers (if service company providers API, integration is to be considered


    The price includes*:

    Functionality for basic version

    Template-based forms design using the Banks logo and colors

    Support of the platform within the 1st three months of its operation

  • Authorization and log-in


    The user enters a PIN code to log in the system; use of PIN saves time necessary for authorization and is completely

    safe (PIN is not stored on users mobile phone)

  • Navigation


    After logging, the user can see a list of

    their products (accounts, cards, e-

    wallet and prepaid card). The

    customer can refer to quick access

    options of payments and transfers.

    Within the Wallet menu there are

    additional services such as currency

    exchange rates, contact information

    and help.

  • Product List and Balances


    In the Product List main menu section the user can review the current balances in their accounts with the bank,payment cards, as well as the electronic wallet.

  • E-wallet refill


    The user can review transaction history (as an example, prepaid history for prepaid card is shown below), refill their

    e-wallet from one of their accounts registered with the system (for example, from salary account) or from a payment

    card issued by any bank

  • Money Transfers

    The platform users can transfer money between their own accounts, third party payments, as well as Bank

    accounts refill from a payment card issued by any bank.


  • Peer to Peer Money Transfers


    The user can also transfer money to another person using the mobile phone number as an identifier. This choice

    is working for the recipient from the contact list at the senders smartphone. Card to Card and E-wallet to E-wallet

    transfers are available.

  • Card to Card Transfers

    Mobile wallet offers its users card-to-card

    transfers. Payment card number is used as

    recipients identifier.


  • Saving Templates

    Payments and transfers can be saved as

    templates for convenience and time-saving.


  • Payments: Selection of Recipients

    To make payments for services

    such as utility services, mobile

    communications, Internet, etc., the

    user does not need to enter the

    recipients details. It needs only to

    select the payment category and

    recipient. The most frequently

    used service providers displayed

    in a list at the main page of the

    Payments sections.


  • Payments: Receiving and Repaying Utility Bills

    After selection of recipient, for example, utility service provider, the user can download the latest invoice together

    with a list of services, as well as see the current debt / overpayment with the provider.


  • Payment for Communication Services

    To pay for communication services, the user should choose a mobile operator, enter the amount and mobile number

    to refill.


  • Currency Exchange Rates

    Mobile wallet (Currency exchange rates

    menu) provides information about current

    state Central Banks and the Banks

    currency exchange rates.


  • Customer Support

    In Contacts section, the user can

    access brief information about the

    Bank as well as its phone numbers

    and online form to contact

    customer support service. The

    user can ask their question in a

    message or leave their phone

    number to be contacted by the

    Banks support service.


  • The Server Part


    The server part controls payments,

    stores in the database values required for

    mobile wallet operation, keeps statistics

    on users, partners, bills and payment

    statuses, provides documentation for

    integration of vendors and partners

    through API, which has a large number of

    functions necessary for the mobile wallet


  • Options for Future Releases (1/2)


    Issue of digital card in the smartphone (Host Card Emulation technology) with the

    possibility of contactless payments via NFC (in line with the specifications of Visa &


    Loyalty programs

    Transport card

    Partnership with retailers

    Mobile ticketing

    Buying fuel at the gas station with mobile phone


    Mobile account balance

    Transaction analytics

  • Options for Future Releases (2/2)


    Partner Services

    Payments & transfers

    Services list


    Service applications

    Discounts and promotions



    Digital Card

    Loyalty Participant account

    Partners list

    Discounts and promotions

    Connecting loyalty cards

    Communication between brands and


    Financial Services

    Transport Card

    Connecting a wide range of service


    Choosing card, e-money or mobile

    account s a payment option.

    Transaction history

    Opening e-wallet and digital card with

    App download

    Offline payments for NFC cell phones

    Setting payment transaction limits

    Transport card management

    Card ordering

    Transport card refill, paying fares

    Financial services:


    digital /plastic card

    Connecting a card of any issuer


    Choosing card for payment

  • Paying for fuel in the comfort of a car


    Buying fuel at a gas station with a mobile wallet




    600 UAH


    The customer arrives at

    the gas station

    The customer selects

    a fuel brand, the refill

    amount and makes a


    The refilling starts