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  1. 1. Financial and Marketing Solutions: Mobile Wallet November, 2016
  2. 2. e-Tickets Personal Finance Management Shopping and payments Loyalty and interaction with brands Money transfers and bills sharing Financial services (loans and deposits, insurance and more) Modern Mobile Wallets 2 are not just about online access to cards and balances, theres much more to it
  3. 3. Wallet Factory Payment and Transactional Platform All-in-one A wide variety of payment and marketing solutions united under one goal (creating unique offering for each customer basing on analysis of her transactional activity) and mobile interface Integrating the market Synergy through integrating merchants, service providers and customers within one ecosystem Unique Developing set of mobile payment and transaction solutions. Uniqueness in 4 dimensions: technological, geographical, temporal and marketing. Monetization of transactional data 3
  4. 4. Central Channel Control 4 Customers advantages: Familiar interface, unified experience, seamless customer journey Limitless freedom, the right payment or loyalty tool for every life situation MONEY IN THE CLOUD Payment Gateway Modules Clientoptions SystemApplication PrePaid Credit Card Bank account Loyalty E- wallet Payment/ Top up OTP Web browser NFC iOS, Android PoS SMS/US SD Advantages for providers: More points of contact with the customer, more monetization opportunities Building brand strength and customer loyalty in multiple channels
  5. 5. Strengthening your uniqueness 5 Uniqueness
  6. 6. Technological uniqueness 6 Technological uniqueness Maximum security of personal, payment and transactional data Technological commonality and interrelation of all solutions and platform components Tags+smart data storage+CRM=automated process to build customer loyalty Real-time communication with customers at the right time in the right place Exchanging digitalized values between merchants and customers in real time
  7. 7. Our Platforms mWallet and eWallet
  8. 8. Products Overview Mobile Wallet mWallet eWallet mPOSQR POS New Providers Channel of service and distribution Contactless payments Additional payment tool for Provider 8 Providers acquiring business! Online store for mobile commerce
  9. 9. What is mWallet? 9 mWallet is a platform that allows Smartphone users to manage digitized values (offers, coupons, rewards within loyalty programs, ticketing, boarding passes, gift certificates, ID-cards or information about products and services) of different brands and makes it possible to make payments (with bank accounts, bank cards, and electronic money)
  10. 10. mWallet Features 10 Micropayments Mobile commerce Shopping Payments to service providers Hotels reservation and payments Entertainment E-tickets Urban transport Boarding tickets for trains, buses and planes Tickets for events Geolocation-based offers and services Coupons, certificates, deals and promotions Loyalty programs Mobile store Money transfers Personal information Rewards management Electronic prescriptions, etc.
  11. 11. mWallet Services (1/4) 11 Paying for goods and services with Visa and Mastercard cards, linked to a wallet, by reading the QR- code, generated in the online store, or any external QR-code (on a check, on a product, etc.) Quick authorization on the website, check-in a retail store using QR-code scanning with simultaneous transfer of information to identify the client Paying for goods and services with Visa and Mastercard cards, linked to a wallet, by reading the QR- code with mobile phone built-in scanner Paying for goods and services with Visa and Mastercard cards, linked to a wallet, through reading the QR-code from a mobile phone by scanner of another mobile phone
  12. 12. mWallet Services (2/4) 12 Making remote pre-order in mobile wallet with card payment, followed by a visit to a store, fast servicing procedure and receiving the order Placing an order in mobile wallet with card payment, followed by order delivery to the address stored in the customers web-passport Ability to self-service in a store, when a customer himself scans bar codes of the goods using his mobile phone and pays with a bank card linked to his mobile wallet Submitting an e-ticket at events, exhibitions, fairs, trade shows and concerts with option to withdraw admission fee (ticket cost) from the card connected to mobile wallet
  13. 13. mWallet Services (3/4) 13 Submitting digital loyalty card from the cell phone screen; ability to accrue and write off bonuses or their analogues (dedicated bonus account (bonus wallet) linked to a customers mobile wallet) Card-to-card money transfers with mobile wallet without entering card details (using recipients phone number from a contact list if linked cards are available) Buying train tickets (with a complete choice of features) with payment by a card linked to a mobile wallet Paying to service providers (refilling mobile account, utility payments, payments for TV, internet, etc.)
  14. 14. mWallet Services (4/4) 14 Applying for a loan. In case the application is approved, the loan funds can be deposited directly on the card, which is linked to mobile wallet. Possibility to look up the nearest store with geolocation service. A customer sees the distance to the nearest store and its operation hours Personalized communication with customers on-line in the wallet messenger, as well as ability to send push notifications (both servicing and promotional) Digitization of existing loyalty cards, developing and launching a new loyalty program
  15. 15. How mWallet works: Registration 15 A client downloads the app from Google Play or AppStore, registers his wallet and sets the PIN-code for quick and easy login Your brand Your brand Your brand
  16. 16. How mWallet works: Main Menu 16 The main menu (looks similarly to menu of popular OS) consists of widgets that are configured to the needs of the client by himself Your brand Your brand
  17. 17. How mWallet works: WebPassport 17 Each wallet has a unique customer ID and contains a WEB-passport with the required personal data
  18. 18. How mWallet works: Cards 18 The customers enters the "My Cards" section and adds his own payment cards by entering card details
  19. 19. How mWallet works: Payments 19 A customer may make payments and repay the bills To repay a bill of a merchant or service provider, the customer should select the bill, select the payment tool and confirm the payment. To make a payment within the system, a customer may enter a recipient's mobile phone number, and then confirm the payment
  20. 20. How mWallet works: Transfers 20 P2P transfers can be done by selecting a recipient from the contact list, or by entering the recipient's card number
  21. 21. How mWallet works: Loans 21 Directly in the wallet customer may fill the application for the loan and receive money on the card in case of positive decision
  22. 22. How mWallet works: QR Payments 22 QR-code of a customer wallet is unique and can be read by a QR scanner. The client may also read any external QR-code to connect to the merchant system. The customer receives the order information to their cell phone screen with the amount of purchase and confirms the payment with a card linked to the wallet
  23. 23. QR and NFC technologies 23 2 up-to-date technologies within one solution QR NFC We cover various merchant segments with our QR+NFC+merchant solutions Micro business Small business Medium business Large business QR scan is mWallet, printed QR code Integration with cash register software seller QR scanner in the sellers mobile business application QR-codes on sellers checks NFC in smartphone
  24. 24. What is eWallet? 22 An Electronic Money Processing platform giving you the opportunity to build your own payment business without starting from scratch. Full-fledged payment system for all kinds of payments and transfers. Whether you operate financial services company, a retail network or a telecom operator our E-Wallet solution will bring your business to the next level, allowing you to harness up-to- date tech trends.
  25. 25. eWallet Features for end-users 25 E-Wallet balance & transaction history Refill & funds withdrawal Mobile refill Payments for TV/Internet Utility payments Online payments for goods & services Taxi fares Insurance payments Other services (transportation, loans, charity etc.) Tuition fee payments Entertainment - tickets, games, paid content Social media payments Integration with prepaid cards, card payments QR code payments NFC payments Instant P2P transfers (e-wallet to e-wallet, card-to- card) Electronic Wallets are very similar to bank accounts, wherein customers can hold the money in any currency, that can be used later for various purposes, such as payments, local or overseas money transfers, paying utility bills, prepaid cards and so on. Customers can easily convert the money from one currency into another, and vice-versa, almost immediately. Customers can make the payments in any currency to their intended beneficiaries, both locally and world-wide.
  26. 26. eWallet Features for businesses 26 Full automation of payment acceptance Instant money transfer to merchants e-wallet Payments history Invoicing Generating vouchers Fees management SMS notifications Managing NFC-stickers orderings Ordering cards B2C payments Holding funds API integration
  27. 27. eWallet Services: Basics 27 eWallet 1. Buying e- money from issuing bank or agent 4. E- money withdrawal 3. E-wallet usage 2. E-wallet cash- in Customer 3.1. Online, offline & NFC payments for goods and services 3.2. 2 transfers
  28. 28. eWallet Services: cash-in 28 2. Tools for adding money to eWallet Cash Cashless Kiosks ATMs POS-terminals Banks cash units Visa, Mastercard E-money Bank