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Task 3: Iconography in subgenre

Task 3: Iconography in subgenreGroup task

Work in these groups12A12CAbdullahAdam BZakMarcus


Tom SachinJack MZain

BaileyConnerAdam W

What is iconography?Images that belong or are associated with a subgenreIt is mainly connected to Mise-en-scene (and CAM SAMC)

What makes up MES? (anything in the frame)LightingSettingAnything with character (acting body lang./facial expression etc)Costume/propsColours

Example: what images are associated with gangster crime?----

Choose a horror subgenre in your group

Choose based on potential for future

Task 1: Iconography collage Create a collage made up on images that are connected to your subgenre


Due: next lesson -3 people: get 7-10 images each -1 person: put together in word/ppt/online/photoshop then print in colour*if you cant print, e-mail to me and Ill print

MafiaPolice officersLow key lighting SmokePolice office buildingsCoffee shopsCitiesDull colours, nothing vibrant50s/60s nostalgia

ExampleFilm Noir

Part 2: Audience InterviewsFormat:On prezi or video

Each person in group should interview 2 people (diff ages)

PreziVideoName:Genre they identified:Correct/incorrect?What things are associated with the subgenre you chose:Ask audience same questions in red.Film on phonesEdit on online editor or here if you want to try imovie/final cut

See next slide if doing this option.

Video options

Structure Options:a) Divide by interviewees (person 1, 2, 3, 4..8)B) Divide by question (q1: person 1, 2, 3.then Q2: person 1, 2, 3.

Part 3: What you learned from audience feedbackFrom conducting audience feedback we learned the following:----

Things to consider:-did your images accurately represent your subgenre?-Could your audience identify correctly?-If not, why do you think that is?-Did you ask audiences that are likely to know the subgenre? If not, do you think this affected their ability to identify it correctly?-What would you have done differently?

FormatYou need to use a range of ICT in your blogsYou must complete as a Prezi


Prezi checklistTitle page (Assign 3: Iconography..and names)What subgenre youre doingYour collage (part 1)Records of 8 interviews OR the embedded video (part 2)What you learned (bullet points) (part 3)

Success criteriaLevel 1Minimal/incompleteLevel 2BasicLevel 3ProficientLevel 4ExcellentIncomplete or parts incomplete

Poor presentation

No or very basic features in prezi

Serious inaccuracies with understanding of subgenreMinor parts incomplete

Mostly clear presentation, text likely to be bulky and slides scattered

Some prezi features to aid presentation

Some understanding of subgenre with minor inaccuraciesComplete

Presentation is clear

Prezi features aid presentation and show good technical skill

Clear understanding

Evidence of learning from interviews (evaluative)Complete with detail

Presentation is clear with carefully thought out layout that is engaging and skilled

Excellent and advanced features to show advances skills

Excellent understanding

Interviews and evaluation reveal connections to target audience