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a compilation of quiz questions on are you playing yr flute



2. At whom is the question (in the first line) directed? To the personas beloved/ the flutist 3. What is the relationship between the flutist and the persona? They are lovers 4. From stanza 1, what is the problem in the relationship between the persona and the flutist? They have contrasting/ different ideals/ priorities 5. From stanza 1, what is meant by the phrase to the depth of my heart?. Deep yearning that touches the innermost core of the heart 6. Which line in stanza 1 tells you that the persona is missing her beloved? To be longing for your song 7. From stanza 1, name two parts of the body used to play the flute ? Lips and fingers 8. From stanza 1, how does the melody affect the persona? The melody touches her heart deeply 9. According to stanza 1, where does the melody originate ? It came from the slim hollow bamboo/flute when blown by the flutist 10. How does she feel when she longs for the song in stanza 1? Guilty 11. Why do you think the persona feels guilty when she listens to the music? Because she feels listening to music is trivial/waste of time and can make her forget about other pressing/important social issues 12. Do you feel the persona is deeply affected by the melody of the song in stanza 1? How do you know? Yes, because the melody touches her heart deeply 13. From stanza 2, what has happened to the village? It has become quiet and deserted 14. Name 2 activities the persona enjoyed doing in the village? -Watching the rain -Watching the sun set -Collect dew drops -Smelling the fragrant flowers 15. What does the sick rice field in stanza 2 indicate? The rice field is unattended because youths have left the village causing poor yield 16. What are pleasurable pastimes in the countryside as mentioned in stanza 2? -Watching the rain -Watching the sun set -Collect dew drops -Smelling the fragrant flowers 17. Why do you think the persona has left the village for the city? Because of work commitment/ looking for greener pastures 18. Why do you think the flutist still remains in the village? Because he is afraid of change/ continue and embrace traditions 19. What is the evening rays referred to in stanza 2? The setting sun 20. What is the mood portrayed in the poem? Enquiring /desperation/ reflective tone 21. What problems do you think her country is facing? -Youth migration -Political divide/ disunity -Unemployment -Environmental problems -Innocent lives killed without mercy 22. How would you react/feel if you were in personas position? I will feel guilty too because 23. What are the themes of the poem? Sacrifice/ making choices/ yearning vs reality/ contrasting lifestyles 24. Why is her conscience disturbed in stanza 3? Because the flutist still keeps playing the flute when there are other pressing issues need to be attended to 25. Which season is applicable when we see leaves fade and fall off trees? Dry / sunny/ hot season 26. Would you like to visit a country with four seasons or with two seasons ? Why? Yes because No because 27. Write two words that are related to places the rain falls on and flows down. i) Gullies ii) Roofs 28. What type of fruits can we find in Jamaica ? Mango 29. What sounds are heard on rainy days ? Water running in the gullies 30. When is the harvesting season in Jamaica? Dry season 31. In your opinion, has the poem given you a comprehensive picture of the changes that take place in Jamaica? Yes because it shows the changes during dry and wet season in Jamaica 32. When do canefields become barren? After the harvesting season 33. What happens in the gullies after the rain ? Swift water filling in gullies 34. In your own words, explain the last line of the poem. Beauty takes over when the rain stops 35. Give one word that describes the canefields when the harvest is over Bare/ barren/ unproductive 36. What is the main theme of the poem? Appreciation of nature 37. Jamaica is a beautiful country. Would you like to live there? Give a reason to support your answer Yes because No because 38. What do you think is the main crop in Jamaica? In your own words give a reason to support your answer. Cane / sugarcane because 39. The poet makes a reference to the four seasons in other countries. Do you think the poet would like to have four seasons too? Give a reason to support your answer. No because he sounded appreciative of the 2 seasons Jamaica has 40. When is the personas favourite season? Give a reason. Dry season because that is the time when mango trees bear fruit/ logwood blossom/ tall grass sways gently when blown by the wind/ buttercups covered the earth 41. THE END


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