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  • 1. Flute playing First we will teach you to play all the notes in the scale, and their 2nd octaves. To test what you have learned, we will play the scale

2. LEGENDS Open hole Closed hole 3. Major notes To acquire the correct sound of the notes, you need to blow gently. In these notes, There are no half closed notes 4. The note C 5. The Note D 6. The note E 7. The note F 8. The note G 9. The note A 10. The note B 11. 2nd octaves 2nd octaves have higher pitch than the normal To acquire the correct sound, you need to blow harder than the usual. To determine this, the note should have a 2 next to it. The C2 note with one closed hole should be blown gently. 12. The note C2 13. The Note D2 14. The note E2 15. The note F2 16. The note G2 17. The note A2 18. The note B2 19. Scale To play the scale, you should know how to play ALL the notes except for the shaprs. The scale would be in this arrangement:C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C2,B,A,G,F,E,D,C. 20. Seatwork One or two of our group members will go to every group. A member of our group will show a flash card with a letter on it and you will play it.


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