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  • Are You In To Him???


    Becoming a Christian is more drastic than getting married, but dead simple. So here's the ABC guide to it:

    A= ADMIT that you've done wrong things, thought wrong thoughts and said wrong things. Say you are sorry to God. With His help, you can start all over again. B=BELIEVE that Jesus died on the cross for your sins (all the wrong things above) and that you trust Him and believe in Him. C=CONSIDER that being a Christian is not a soft option - when you give God your life by accepting Jesus as your personal Saviour, people may think you're weird, you may lose friends, be made fun of, etc. You'll need to get to know God more by reading His word (BIBLE) and talking to Him (PRAYING). This takes time, energy and commitment. It's a new relationship - it takes time and effort to develop - it's NOT A RELIGION, it's A RELATIONSHIP! R U UP 4 IT? D= DO IT! If you know it's true, go for it. Live

  • the life to the max! You can do it by asking God's helper, the Holy Spirit, to live in you and help you live a life pleasing to God. It's worth it!