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Learn 3 simple ways to help you decide whether you should stay with your man or leave him.


  • 1. Should You Love Him or Should You Leave Him? By Shay Banks with Before You Marry
  • 2. When you first met your man, everything was great!
  • 3. And thenhe started to act weird.
  • 4.
    • There was a time when
    • he was loving
    • Now he simply ignores you
    Before After
  • 5. To Solve This You Can
    • Ask him whats wrong.
    • Ignore him back.
    • Yell at him for ignoring you.
    • Tell his mother that hes acting weird and she should talk to him.
    • Tell his friends to pressure him to talk to him.
    • Do nothing.
  • 6. OR
  • 7. You can try a new approach
  • 8. Quick Ways to Know if You Should Love Him or Leave Him
  • 9. Does He Make My Heart Smile?
    • This may sound like a simplistic question to ask yourself, but its a truly important one.
    • Some women end up worrying too much about what other people think she should have rather than being honest with herself and getting clear about what she wants.
  • 10. Answers like
    • He used to
    • I dont know
    • Hes really a good guy
    • We used to really have fun together
    • Im not sure what to say
    • Ummm.
  • 11. means your answer is he doesnt make your heart smile. Dont kid yourself into thinking otherwise.
  • 12. Whats Your Percentage?
    • If you had to give the good & the bad a percentage, what would it be?
    • I ask my clients this question to help them get crystal clear on whats wrong in their relationship.
  • 13. Sometimes the answers scare them
  • 14. But it shouldnt. Heres why..
    • You cant change anything in your relationship if your head is in the sand.
    • By getting clear about your percentages, youre taking a stand that says Somethings gotta give!
    • You become part of a solution
  • 15. Dont stress out on getting the percentages perfect
    • Go with your first thought. If you believe 50% is bad and 50% is good, thats okay.
    • If you believe that 80% is bad and 20% is good, thats ok too. Dont judge the number. Just take that information to the next step.
  • 16. Whats My Contribution?
    • Create a T chart like the one below.
    Good % Bad %
  • 17. Under each column, list how you contribute to the good & the bad of the relationship
  • 18. Heres an example Always thinking of new & exciting things for us to do together I give him the silent treatment when he doesnt do what I want him to do. When he asks whats wrong, I tell him to leave me alone! Good % Bad %
  • 19. Be honest with how you contribute to your relationship.
  • 20. Armed with this information, you now have a decision to make
  • 21. Do you try to eliminate some of your Bad % and see if things change?
    • Or based on the information do you decide that youve contributed more than your fair share to this relationship and its time to go?
  • 22. Whatever you decide
    • You now have options that you didnt have before. You see, when you constantly worry about what to do, you end up doing nothing.
    • But by simply taking these 3 steps, youre already a lot clearer about what to do with your relationship.
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