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<ul><li> 1. ARE YOU FIT FOR THE EXAMS?The new success mantra is -BE RESTEDUDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN</li></ul> <p> 2. Students are so wrapped up in preparationwork that they hardly spare time for theirhealth now. A few minutes of attention tofitness is not only going to calm youroverwrought nerves, but also improve yourperformance.UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 3. BREATHE Focus on your breathing. Take deep breaths.Feel your stomach going out as you inhale andgoing in as you exhale. Take a deep breathand then exhale slowly. Do this about 8-10times in a row. Repeat whenever you feeltensed or in between topics or subjects. Thiswill take only a few minutes of your time butyou will feel the difference. You will feel morerelaxed and less tensed and this will improveyour concentration. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR 4. ENERGISEYou may not have the time now for seriouswalking or running for the sake of exercise. Try toget as much of walking that you can get. Get upfrom your seat and walk around for some time.Go to the kitchen and have a glass of water. Goout and take a brisk walk or a jog for about 5-10minutes and come back refreshed. Repeat thisthrice a day. This will give you the much neededbreak from studies and help your muscles relaxwhile keeping you fit.UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 5. RELAX Although the exams are knocking at the door,fretting will not help. The nail biting, lipchewing and nervous palpitations will not helpyou perform well. You have prepared all yearthrough and now is the time for revision. Donot get worked up or tensed. Try to stay ascalm as you can be. Worrying will only hamperyour studies.UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 6. EAT WELL Do not skip meals as this will make you feelweak. Begin your day with a hearty breakfast.You can resort to milk and cereal with fruits ifyou wish to save time. Eat nutritious lunchand dinner too. Remember to eat more fruitsand vegetable to store up on vitamins andminerals. This will increase your stamina andprevent you from falling ill. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR 7. SLEEP Most examinees skip on the daily dose ofsleep to put in a few extra hours of studies. Donot sleep for less than six hours a day and tryto get a nap in between. If you sleep less thanthis you will feel tired and sleepy and yourefficiency will be less. Do not think of studieswhile turning in for the night as this will keepyou awake. Instead focus on other things likewhat you would like to do when the examsare over. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR 8. TALK Discuss your fears and concerns with yourparents, teachers or any other person you feelclose to. Do not bundle up your worries as thiswill affect your preparation. Talk about it andfeel lighter by the minute. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR 9. ENTERTAINMENT Once in a while take some time off fromstudies. Watch television or listen to music.Go out with your family. Meet friends orrelatives. Talk for a while on the telephone.Try to steer the topic away from the oncomingexams. Laugh out loud and feel the difference.UDGAM SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 10. DRINK MORE WATER Students are so deep in their preparation thatthey often forget to drink water. Rememberto drink at least 8 glasses a day. If you find itcumbersome to get up for a glass every time,keep a bottle of water on your desk. Sip fromtime to time. UDGAM SCHOOL FOR 11. ALL THE BEST So the success mantra is Breathe, Energise, Relax, Eat, Sleep, Talk,Entertainment and Drink. Can you make up a word that fits the situationperfectly? BREATHE ENERGISE RELAX EAT WELL SLEEP TALK ENTERTAINMENT info@udgamschool.comThaltej, Ahmedabad-380 054Phone:07926850339Gujarat , India 99251 53153 UDGAM SCHOOL FOR</p>