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Are you fit for business?. Take on the workplace challenge and get active! Joe Capon Herts Sports Partnership22 nd April 2014. Workplace Challenge?. Funders and Partners. Activity log and challenges Sports Competitions E-news, events, signposting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Are you fit for business? Take on the workplace challenge and get active! </p><p>Joe CaponHerts Sports Partnership22nd April 2014</p><p>Workplace Challenge?Funders and Partners Activity log and challengesSports CompetitionsE-news, events, signpostingPhysical Activity Champions Training</p></li><li><p>Herts Sports PartnershipMore people, more active, more often </p><p>Partnership of organisations working towards common goals core team</p><p>Deliver variety of programmes children young people, disability sports, older adults etc</p><p>Draw in funding to make sport happen locally</p></li><li><p>Website Demo </p></li><li><p>Website Demo </p></li><li><p>Website Demo </p></li><li><p>Physical Activity Champion Training</p><p> day workshop Hatfield/Welwyn Area</p><p>June / July dates TBC Useful bolt on for existing Workplace Champion Developed by BHF and St Marys University</p></li><li><p>Content What is the Workplace Challenge?Business case workplace health and increasing participation in physical activity.Introduction to the Workplace Challenge; tools and how to use the programmeGaining the support and commitment from employers and employeesCase studies from workplaces that have seen the benefits of a healthy and active workplace.Support available and resources; learn about activities and training available.Practical ideas to get your workplace more active.How to recruit and support volunteers from your workplace to lead activities.How to effectively organise and promote activities and events to get your workplace more active.Network with other workplaces and enjoy taking part in some fun workplace games.</p></li><li><p>Sports CompetitionsFun, inclusive, team based competitions</p><p>Programme tbc June, July, Aug 2014Dodgeball, Rounders, Badminton, Touch Rugby, Mixed Volleyball etc</p><p>Bookings and promotion through website and newsletter</p></li><li><p>News and eventsOne stop shopMass participation events, charity days, local opportunities Health awareness campaignsNational walking month, National Bike Week, Mental Health Awareness Week</p><p>E-newsletterUpdates on new challenges, sports comps etc </p></li><li><p>Business Case Example</p><p>Worked example - for a company with 300 employees earning average 8.20/hr</p><p> On average, sickness absence costs employers 8.4 working days per employee per year (Chartered Institute of Personal Development 2007a). Physical activity programmes at work have been found to reduce absenteeism by up to 20%; physically active workers take 27% fewer sick days (Health, Work and Wellbeing Programme 2008). </p></li><li><p> Details: Joe Capon Herts Sports Partnership 01707 284229</p><p>A national programme from County Sports Partnership Network funded by Sport England which aims to engage workplaces in sport and physical activity.A research project targeting inactive participants. Aiming to build the evidence base in relation to the effectiveness of sport to improve health.</p><p>CSPs may wish to describe what a CSP is and what CSPN is/ does.CSPN are responsible for the National Workplace Challenge project.Leicester-Shire &amp; Rutland Sport are project managing the programme on behalf of CSPN.The evaluation will be undertaken by the British Heart Foundation National Centre.The British Heart Foundation are supporting the delivery of Workplace Champion training and links to the sustainable development of workplace health through the BHF Health at Work programme.NGBs are supporting the programme with links to relevant programmes, activities, events and training.CSPs may also wish to describe their local role in the delivery and development of the programme.*</p></li></ul>