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Skills Building Session - MSH


  • 1. Stronger health systems. Greater health impact.Developing a customized capacity building approach for supportingregional CSOs towards sustainability Sciences for Health ManagementSheilla Benyera, Roselyn Kareithi, Jerusha Govender, Puleng LetsieMSH Building Local Capacity Project1

2. Session outline Welcome and Introductions Objectives Introduction to Management Sciences for Health (MSH)and Building Local Capacity for HIV/AIDS ServiceDelivery in Southern Africa Project (BLC) Familiarization with the BLC Customized CapacityBuilding ApproachManagement Sciences for Health Practice developing a customized capacity building plan Discussion and wrap upMSH Building Local Capacity Project 2 3. Expected outcomes Familiarize participants with BLC capacity buildingapproach for enhancing sustainability Practice developing a customized capacity building plan Provide opportunity for participants to share experiencesfor developing customized capacity building planManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project3 4. Who is here?My name is ...I work for ... (organization) as the ... (job title)Management Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project4 5. WHO is MSH?A non-profitinternational healthorganizationSupports 2,000+people in 70 countriesSeeks to save livesManagement Sciences for Healthand improve healthoutcomes Part of MSH TeamMSH Building Local Capacity Project5 6. What is the BLC Project? Building Local Capacity for HIV Service Delivery inSouthern Africa Project (BLC) MSH project, funded by USAID BLC vision for Improved Capacity in Southern Africa o Expanding HIV prevention knowledge and services o Strengthening local and regional institutions o Ensuring quality of health services o Increasing care and support for OVCHealthManagement Sciences for o Strengthening Global Fund Principal RecipientsMSH Building Local Capacity Project6 7. What is a customized capacity buildingapproach?Tailor-made approachResponsiveTargetedBest-matchManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project7 8. Why Customize?DisparitiesCapacitiesLeadership and charismaCountry contextResourcesManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project8 9. BLC Customized Capacity BuildingModelManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project9 10. Why Measure Capacity Building? Understand outcomes and impact of work Collect data on o Capacity levels o Improvements over time o Key areas of focus Monitor changes in service deliveryManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project10 11. What does BLC use to measure capacitybuilding support? Consolidates information from a large number of sourcesand other MSH tools o Management and Organizational Sustainability Tool (MOST) o BLC Capacity Assessment Tool Adapted to be regionally specific Administered in a participatory manner Management Sciences for Health Graduating stages o embryonic to matureMSH Building Local Capacity Project11 12. Dimension of the Tool1. Leadership and Governance2. Structures and Systems3. Human Resources Management4. Financial Management5. Program Management6. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation7. Partnerships Management Sciences for Health8. Knowledge Management9. Grants ManagementMSH Building Local Capacity Project12 13. Group workIn your groups read Your Health Incorporated case studyand answer the following: o In your groups using information from Figure 1 and Table 1, develop a customized capacity building plan for YHI for its Human Resources Management component. (Record on flipchart) o What challenges do anticipate in implementing this capacity building plan? Managementsolutions do you propose?What Sciences for Health o How will you make sure that the capacity you built lasts beyond your technical assistance?MSH Building Local Capacity Project13 14. Plenary discussions Each group presents its capacity building plan/template DiscussionsManagement Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project14 15. YHI Human Resources Capacity BuildingPlanComponentBaseline Score in Capacity Gap Action IndicatorBudgetTimeframe Responsible% Person or BLC YHIOrganization1. Human 54501.Timeshee 1. Review and Resourc t systemimplement esnot inthe Manageplace.timesheet ment2.HRpolicy and policiesroll-out a and coded procedurtimesheet es notsystem compliant2. Review and withroll-out of USAID HR policies rule andand regulationprocedures s (national legislation)Management Sciences for Health3. Provide support to develop a staff developme nt policy and framework and a performanc e manageme nt systemMSH Building Local Capacity Project15 16. Sciences for HealthMSH Building Local Capacity Project16 17. Conclusions BLCs customized approach enhances organizationsservice delivery and sustainability through improvedmanagement, governance, and financial systems Participatory and prioritized capacity building plans allowfor sustained capacity building efforts and addressesgaps in service delivery Replicable model-highly participatory which promotesManagement Sciences for Healthownership, accountability and sustainabilityMSH Building Local Capacity Project 17 18. Questions & CommentsManagement Sciences for Health sbenyera@msh.orgMSH Building Local Capacity Project 18 19. Stronger health systems. Greater health impact. Saving lives and improving the health of the worlds poorest and most vulnerable peopleManagement Sciences for Health by closing the gap between knowledge and action in public health.MSH Building Local Capacity Project 19


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