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Application Form for IP Summer School.


  • Application Form

    Before filling in the application form, please read the following carefully:

    1. The dates of the Summer School Intellectual Property Law in China at Peking University are 8th-26th of August 2011.

    2. The closing date for applications is Sunday 19th of June 2011.

    3. Your application will be assessed based on the information stated in this application form. Please understand, that the process can be delayed if information is incomplete.

    4. The whole IP Summer School is taught in English. All applicants are expected to be proficient in the use of written and spoken English. Please provide details of your language proficiency in this form.

    5. Applicants may need a visa to enter the Peoples Republic of China. You will receive a letter of invitation by PKU. Please understand that we cannot support your visa application process.

    6. The application fee and the tuition fee for the PKU IP Summer School are:

    a. Application Fee China Yuan RMB 5.000 (to be paid after application and confirmation)

    b. Tuition China Yuan RMB 24.800 (to be paid latest by June 27th 2011)

    7. There is a 10% discount on application fees for those who apply and pay their application fees by Monday 16th March.

    I. Personal Details

    Mr. Ms. Mrs.

    Title Family Name / Last Name First Name(s)

    Correspondence Adress Permanent Adress Email

    Telephone (incl. international code)

    Occupation (if student, please state your institution here)

    Intellectual Property Law in China August 8th-26th 2011, Beijing.

  • Where did you learn about Peking University IP Summerschool?

    Single Bed Room Two Bed Room

    I do not need accommodation / I will organise on my own

    II. Education Background

    Please state your educational background.

    University Degree Subject Result Date



    English Proficiency is needed in order to participate the programme. In case English is not your native language, please give details including type and score of a test you have taken (e.g. TOEFL or IELTS etc.). If you did not take a test please provide other proof of your language proficiency.

    Please gice details of a person whon we may contact as an academic referee concerning your application.


    Adress Occupation



  • III. Payment

    After sending in this application from you will receive an invoice stating all payment details. In case you are not paying the application fee and tuition yourself, please specify your sponsor. It is however your responsibility that the fees are paid in time.


    Adress Comment



    IV. Additional Information

    Where did you learn about Peking University IP Summerschool?



    Friends / Colleagues




    Other ___________________________________

    I declare that all information supplied in this application form is complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. I also declare to have read und fully understood the payment terms, cancellation policy as well as the compulsory insurance requirements.

    Signature, Date, Place __________________________________________________________________

    Disclaimer: Please note that allthough all possible care has been taken in the process of preparation of this form, PKU IP Summesummerschool cannot take any responsibility for errors.


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