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  • Appendix N

    Undergraduate Degree Program Graduating Student

    Exit Survey Form

  • KSU BS CM Exit Survey Fall 2013

    1. A. General Information

    Dear KSU CM Program Graduate:

    As part of the Exit Interview Process please take 5 minutes to complete the below survey keeping in mind the below

    listed objectives of the program:

    Graduates of the KSU CM Program shall have the ability to:

    1. Estimate project costs and schedules.

    2. Hold progressively more responsible positions in construction related fields.

    3. Engage in life-long learning.

    4. Communicate effectively as a construction management professional with project team members and management.

    5. Work effectively as a team player and provide leadership where needed.

    6. Demonstrate ethical behavior as a professional with sensitivity to the impact of construction tasks on the environment

    and the society.

    7. Pursue and successfully complete an advanced degree where applicable.

    8. Serve the changing needs of industry.

    Please consider the above stated objectives while filling out the survey and thank you for making time to complete the


  • s ima e projec cos s and


    Hold progressively more

    responsible posi ions in

    cons ruc ion rela ed ields

    ngage in li e long


    Communica e e ec ively as

    a cons ruc ion managemen

    pro essional wi h projec

    eam members and


    Work e ec ively as eam

    player and provide

    leadership where needed

    Demons ra e e hical

    behavior as s pro essional

    wi h sensi ivi y o he impac

    o cons ruc ion asks on he

    environmen and socie y

    ursue and success ully

    comple e an advanced

    degree where applicable

    erve he changing needs

    o indus ry

    Marke ing

    usiness Law

    Risk Managemen

    roblem olving

    e ing Up Opera ing a


    Revioewing ubmi als

    hop Drawings

    Financial lanning

    Leadership Managemen

    Marke ing kills

    Risk Managemen

    usiness kills

    x v y

    1 2 3 4 5 N

    Page 2

  • x v y


     es

     No

    lease provide a commen below i yes

    Page 3

  • x v y

     rchi ec ure

     Cons ruc ion

     ngineering

     O her

    Wha is your curren posi ion?

     es

     No

    no please provide commen s

     ersonal Friend

     Guidance Counselor

     Newspaper

     Websi e

     Linked n

     illboard

    O her (please speci y)

    Page 4

  • x v y

     es

     No

    yes which ones?

    Page 5

  • s ima ing



    Managemen Leadership

    ccoun ing Finance

    a e y

    Compu er pplica ions

    lueprin pec Reading

    Ma erials Me hods

    ruc ures

    Real s a e Developmen

    rogram classes

    uilding Codes

    pecial y Concen ra ion

    rogram classes

    Wri en skills

    Oral resen a ion skills



    lec rical

    Finance planning

    x v y


    1 2 3 4 5 N

    Page 6

  • Wri ing kills

    Oral resen a ion kills

    Compu er based projec

    managemen applica ions

    Design uild ( M)

    modeling applica ions

    Compu er based es ima ing

    Compu er based scheduling

    Unders anding applying

    L D principles

    Financial lanning

    Leadership Managemen

    Marke ing kills

    Risk Managemen

    usiness kills

    x v y

    1 2 3 4 5 N

     es

     No

    no why no ? yes did you ind hem help ul?


     es

     No

    no in wha areas could more assis ance been provided?

    Page 7

  • CM Facili ies

    CM Labs

    CM Classrooms

    x v y


    1 2 3 4 5

    lease ell us how we may improve

     es

     No

    lease speci y i yes

    current persona ema address and phone number

    Page 8


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