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Satyakiran Engineers Private limitedAPI 6A 20th Edition, Question Paper(Master) - RING JOINT GASKETAnswer Ref. ClausePage no./Table Q1). As per API 6A, what is the acceptable way of storing/shipping loose gaskets?A). Box packing C). WrappingB). Both A & C D). None of the aboveB7.5.13104Q2). As per API 6A, which of the following tests are required to qualify the material for the manufacturing of Ring gasket?A). Tensile Testing C). Hardness TestingB). Impact Testing D). All of the aboveC5.2.241Q3). As per API 6A, what is the identification mark for soft iron ring gaskets?A). D-4 C). S304-4B). S-4 D). 825-4D8.7.3112,113 /Table no.45Q4). As per API 6A, what should be the location of date of manufacturing on the ring gasket?A). OD of the gasket C). Date of manufacturing is not requiredB). ID of the gasket D). There is no set location, can be marked at anywhereA8.7.3112,113 / Table no.46Q5). As per API 6A, Manufacturers written practice for qualification of NDE personnel can be based on which of the following standard?A). ISO 9712 C).SNT-TC-1A B). EN 473 D). any of the aboveD7.3.162Q6). As per API 6A, what is the minimum retention period of quality control records?A). 5 years from the date of manufacture on the product.B). 3 years from the date of manufacture on the product.C). 10 years from the date of manufacture on the product.D). 12 years from the date of manufacture on the product.A7.5.1.3104Q7). What is the definition of calibration?A). defined limits placed on characteristics of materials, products or services.B). mechanism for the remote or automatic operation of a choke or valveC). comparison and adjustment to a known standard of accuracy.D). None of the above.C3.1.139Q8). As per API 6A, what is the frequency of eye examination for the personnel performing visual inspections?A). Annually C). 3 monthsB). 6 months D). 3 yearsA7.3.261Q9). What is the latest edition of API 6A?A). 19th C). 18thB). 20th D). 21stB3Q10). Which of the following is not required to be marked on ring gaskets?A). date of manufacture C). Ring gasket type and numberB). Manufacturers name or mark D). none of the aboveD8.7.3112,113 /Table no.46




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