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  • 1. Amira Foods (India) Ltd - Karan ChananaPoints out Karan Chanana who heads AMIRA Foods , referring to the panel under chief economistKaushik Basu set up by the PM to come up with quick responses to food sector price and productionproblems, Minister Pawar is well clued into the sugar sector.That allowed him to take stock of the fact that in over two decades, this is the first time that globalavailability is tight and prices high and since Indias sugar output estimates are high, this is the best timeto export.We need that sort of awared, dynamic decision making for individual commodities in the food sector.Karan A Chanana, Chairman, AMIRA FOODS makes a case in point he states The AMIRA Group; withthis investment in place we are now aiming to be fully backward integrated in our Supply ChainManagement.Running a 95 year old company, whose supply chain straddles five continents, requires an appetite forinnovation and growth. Karan A. Chanana, Group Managing Director for AMIRA Foods, Indias largestrice exporter, has displayed that he has the stomach for much of this. Since he took over the reins of theAMIRA Group, which also has interests in infrastructure, energy and special economic zones, thecompany has morphed from a family-run business to a professionally-managed unit.Karan A Chanana has steered the Group from a family-run operation into a professionally managedbusiness unit. Today the company, "Amira Foods (India) Ltd." has attained a turnover of USD$ 240million in last financial year.500 million tonnes of rice is grown every year; Only two million tonnes of this is Basmati Rice.Rice constitutes 20% of the human species calorie consumption.