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  • American Government and OrganizationPS1301Monday, 2 February

  • The Republican Primary in 2000

  • Democratic DelegatesThe Democratic Party allots a number of delegates to each state based on population (as measured by electoral college votes) and the number of votes the Democratic presidential candidate received in the last general election. The party assigns states additional delegate slots, called "Superdelegates," for Democratic elected officials, party leaders and Democratic members of Congress. Superdelegates are included in the totalsDelegates needed to win: 2,162Total Delegates: 4,322

  • Delegate Selection Rules

  • Electoral RulesPlurality vs. MajorityThe Electoral College

  • Electing the PresidentCongress chooses the presidentState legislatures choose the presidentPresident elected by popular voteElectoral College

  • How it worksEach state was allocated a number of Electors equal to the number of U.S. Senators (always 2) plus the number of U.S. Representatives (which changes)The manner of choosing the electors was left to the individual state legislators. By 1836 all states (except for South Carolina) choose electors by popular vote (plurality rules).The person with a majority of electoral votes is elected presidentIn the event that no candidate wins a majority, the U.S. House of Representatives would choose from the top five contenders. Each state could cast only one vote. An absolute majority is required

  • Historical Curiosities1800 Electors gave both Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr an equal number of votes. The tie was settled by the U.S. House. Prompted the 12th Amendment which requires separate vote for president and vice president (rather than two votes for president with the runner up as the vice president)1824. No candidate receives a majority. House decides John Quincy Adams despite the fact that Andrew Jackson had obtained more electoral votes.1888 Benjamin Harrison defeats Grover Cleveland who received more votes

  • Past ElectionsLink to maps of electoral college results (1960-1996)

  • 2000 Presidential Election

  • The Florida DisasterFlorida recount (link to Univ. of Chicago study)The punch card voting systemDesign of the palm beach ballot

  • The Butterfly Ballot

  • Evidence of problems in Palm Beach

  • Reforming the Electoral CollegeWinner take all (by Congressional District)Proportional Allocation of Electors by State

  • Outcomes with Different Methods

  • Direct Election of the PresidentRunoff ElectionsAlternative Vote/Preference Voting

  • Preference VotingSystem is used to elect that nations House of Representatives from single member districts.Voters rank their first most preferred candidate by marking a 1 their second most favored candidate with a 2 etcCandidate with the fewest first choices is eliminated and the ballots for those people who voted for him are examined to see whom they placed second.

  • Example

  • What would the outcome have been with Preference Voting


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