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Took a trip to SXSW and captured a couple of pictures of my presentation and my overall trip.


  • 1. The Road to SXSWby@AmbassadorBruny

2. My day began in snowy Massachusetts 3. Despite the snow, the bow tie must still go on! 4. My wife was kind enough to drive me to the airport 5. I sprint from one flight to the next only to find out 6. My 2nd flight was delayed by 4 hours! 7. So I lounged around and didnt get in until 8. 5:30 a.m. (Did I mention I was speaking at 8 a.m.?) 9. Home for the next few days 10. Finally got to the hotel & couldnt help but laugh at this 11. Should I take a nap or shower, iron and head out? 12. The shower won! Add coffee & it was presentation time 13. The presentation bow tie 14. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @FeleciaHatcher 15. #Hashtags to Handshakes with Tammy Benton 16. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @MissKimari 17. @JoselinMane of Boston Tweetup holding court 18. #Hashtags to Handshakes with Doug Mitchell 19. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @EmilyNoted 20. The place to be to see celebs 21. Book party by @CC_Chapman 22. Jaime tardy (@EventuallMillion) & Clay Hebert 23. My new friend @Zaneology 24. Argyle Socks Day w/ @Zaneology 25. #Hashtags to Handshake with @LisaNicoleBell 26. My new homie @TroyNalls 27. The Copyblogger Party 28. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @AndreaVahl 29. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @HarrisonAmy 30. #Hashtags to Handshakes with Grandma Mary 31. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @MartinWhitmore 32. #Hashtags to Handshakes with @JoelRunyon 33. I was asked to give my presentation a 2nd time. 34. 8yr old(Mikaila) of Bee Sweet Leomonade was there 35. Local coffee spot where I hung out with @KarlStaib 36. The bats come out at night..uhh, no thanks. 37. The sign says it all (I love street art with a message) 38. Book signing with Chris Guillebeau 39. #Handshakes to Hashtags with @HeyShenee 40. Work still needs to get done! Co-working w/ @JoselinMane 41. Hanging at Buffalo Billards 42. New tool I learned about Podio courtesy of@ClayHebert 43. Hijacking the most interesting man in the world 44. The Historic Driskill Hotel 45. The final Sunrise as my trip comes to an end 46. The last day bow tie 47. A local tour of the capital building 48. A little local favor courtesy of @AnneHebert 49. Taking my daily 1 mile walk 50. Cool laptop sticker 51. The machine distributes candy when you tweet it 52. Tool that detects your mood and plays a certain song 53. Clock plays a series of affirmations to help change behaviors 54. Whole business made from smiling at work 55. Word cloud draws your image. Pretty cool 56. I had to get BBQ before I left Austin 57. My craving for beef ribs has ended 58. I understand fashion risk, but I dont know about this 59. Good bye Austin; Good bye SXSW