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Altium Designer-Essentials


  • If you can design electronics, you can change the world! And as the desire for new and innovative user experiences continues to grow, there

    has never been a better time to be an electronics designer. Having the

    right skills and tools is an important part of being a successful professional.

    But having the right methodology and approach ensures those skills and

    tools can be wielded with the greatest impact.

    Developed by a team of Altium experts, Altium Training Programs give

    you more than just detailed knowledge and the practical application of

    Altium Designers features and functions. They explain the unique paradigm and

    design methodologies that drive Altiums ongoing development. And by learning from

    an authorized Altium Trainer Partner like EDA Technologies, youll gain valuable insights

    that will equip you to propel your organization forward.

    Presented in South Africa by

    the Altium Authorized

    Training Partner:



    Altium Designer - Essentials Globally Certified Altium Training Course

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    Overview This hands-on interactive training course is designed to help you grasp

    fundamental concepts in Altium Designer, while also covering the

    design cycle from schematic capture to PCB layout, including

    omponent creation, output generation and project management.

    Numerous intuitive exercises will be used throughout the course.

    Altium Global Certification Program Altium Certification is available for all Altium authorized training

    programs and ensures you get the recognition you deserve for the skills

    you have acquired. Furthermore, by attending an Altium authorized

    training program with EDA Technologies, youre assured of receiving

    the most up to date material covering the latest Altium developments.

    Each Certificate carries a unique code which can be authenticated on

    Altium Designer, the world's first unified

    electronic product development

    system, opens new and exciting

    design possibilities to you. As part of our commitment to ensuring you

    have a successful and productive future with

    Altium, we are pleased to offer you the

    Altium Designer Essentials Course to introduce

    you to the powerful features and functionality

    of Altium Designer.

  • Essentials Course

    Who should attend: New users or those who recently upgraded

    Team managers who need to develop design processes

    and streamline operations in their organization

    Schematic Designers who need to better understand the

    implications of their design decisions

    Product evaluators who would like to road test Altium

    Designer before making a final purchasing decision

    Designers who are planning on taking one of the more

    advanced Altium Training Programs

    What is included: Each delegate will have a personal computer for the

    duration of the course.

    Each delegate will receive comprehensive Altium

    approved course notes, a notepad and a pen.

    An Altium-issued certificate will be posted on upon successful completion.

    Tea/Coffee, snacks and a sit-down lunch.

    Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of Windows OS;

    basic electronics knowledge.

    Previous schematic and PCB layout

    experience is a definite advantage.

    Cost: The 4-day course costs R8990,00 per

    person (excl VAT). Payment is required

    at least 10 days before training


    Register now Class is limited to

    10 persons per course.

    Download and complete the

    registration form to secure your seat.

    Dates / Venue: Visit

    for latest information.



    Full contents of course can be

    downloaded from




    including best-practice PCB Layout and EMI-EMC The speed of todays logic devices mandates that the

    interconnects on PCBs must meet the high switching rise/fall

    times of these devices. Switching edges are in the 200ps to

    300ps range and some devices have edges that have broken

    the 100ps barrier. This has resulted in high-speed design

    problems such as: reflections, crosstalk, false triggers, and EMI.

    Join us for a seminar that gives engineers and designers the

    ability to properly design right the first time. The course

    provides valuable knowledge to recognize the problems with

    any proposed high-speed design. It includes up-to-date design

    methodologies to insure that the PCB will function within the

    shortest design cycle. The course emphasizes cost competitive

    design without sacrificing high-speed integrity.


    The aim of this workshop is to provide delegates with a

    comprehensive understanding of the principles and practice of

    thermal management in electronic systems. It brings into focus

    the problems, and solutions, of designing PCBs for the thermal

    environment, and will show how to achieve this by the use of

    practical examples.

    Occasions to gain such detailed insight into practical design

    techniques are rare these days. This Technology Workshop is

    truly a unique opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the

    depth of the subject. PCB hardware design engineers,

    electronics engineers and managers with responsibility for the

    thermal design of electronic hardware should attend this

    valuable workshop.

    IPC CERTIFICATION FOR PCB DESIGNERS The IPC Designer Council is an international society of designers

    whose mission is to facilitate and promote the orderly

    exchange and integration of design concepts concerning PCBs

    and related technologies.

    The course aimed at PCB design professionals who need

    recognition of their skills and confirmation that the knowledge

    they have gained through experience adheres to internationally

    accepted standards for PCB design. The course is also aimed at

    companies that wish to achieve recognized international design

    standardization in printed board design, printed board

    assembly and related design technologies.

    The program assesses a designer's knowledge of how to

    transform a schematic into a reliable PCB which can be easily

    manufactured, assembled and tested.



    ALTIUM ADVANCED This 4 day face to face course explores in-depth topics to

    advance the students knowledge of Altium Designer Schematic

    Capture and PCB Layout tools. The material covered will enable

    students to use more complex Altium Designer capabilities such

    as pin swapping and length tuning. Lectures, demonstrations

    and more than 20 hands-on exercises are used to explain and

    reinforce these advanced techniques.

    ALTIUM VAULTS Getting your product to market is a process that is so much

    more than simply designing a board, and involves so many

    more people than just designers. Altium Vaults unify your

    organizations components, design data, and environments

    from inside the Altium Designer interface for your whole

    organization so you are able to get your product to market

    faster, without sacrificing integrity.


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