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Indian company that started as foodie bay back in 2008 from Gurgaon before it was rechristened to Zomato in November , 2010.features restaurant information such as scanned menus and photos sourced by local street teams, as well as user reviews and ratings. The company also provides cashless payment, online ordering, white-label apps, table reservation, and point-of-sale systems.In 2012 , it spread wings globally and started acquiring restaurant listing companies in emerging markets.

Deepinder Goyal (co-founder and ceo)

worked as a management consultant with Bain and Company in New Delhi prior to Zomato. It was at Bain that Deepinder conceived the idea of an online restaurant information service after seeing the demand for menu cards among his colleagues. left Bain in 2008 to start Zomato (then foodiebay) out of his apartment and has since overseen strategy and product development. Deepinder graduated with a Mathematics and Computing degree from IIT Delhi in 2005 and hails from Muktsar in Punjab.

Business expansion and strategy of ZomatoThe six year old company currently operates in 23+ countries including India, Dubai, UK, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Turkey, Poland and New Zealand. However, with on paper companies, Zomato's presence has crossed to over 40 countries in the world.In 2011, Zomato started its operations in various cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, etc. and also launched applications for cellular devices.

ContIn the same year only, Zomato came up with a out of the box idea and created a website named , a site dedicated to food pornLater on Zomato also collaborated with Citibank to launch a print version of the content on the website known as the Citibank Zomato Restaurant Guide. On 15th October, 2015 Zomato changed business strategies from a Full-Stack market to an enterprise market. This led to Zomato firing 10% of its workforce which equals about 300 people.

Acquisitions by ZomatoNextTableUrbanspoon was its largest acquisition for $52 million in January and marked its entry into the US, Australia and Canada markets.Last year, Zomato had acquired dominant local restaurant search players in New Zealand, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Turkey and Italy.

Major Competitors of Zomato There are lots of competitors available but majorly there are 3 :Foodpanda Just eatBurrp

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Talks with Deepinder Goyal

Entrepreneurial Lessons we can learn from Deepinder Goyal, the co-founder of Zomato

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No Hard and fast rules!

Aim for the stars even when the night is at its darkest.Persist in your endeavours.