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A Study of Recruitment and Selection Process in HCL Info system Ltd.

A SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT Submitted towards the partial fulfillment of the Requirements for the certificate of the Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management (Approved by AICTE, Government of India) (Equivalent to MBA) ACADEMIC SESSION 2009-2011

DATE OF SUBMISSION 26/07/2010 Internal Supervisor: Prof. Anita Singh Area chairperson- H.R IMS Ghaziabad External Supervisor: Mr. Bhaskar Senapati H.R Department H.C.L Info System Ltd IMS GHAZIABAD LALKUAN GHAZIABAD

Submitted by: Akansha Jaiswal BM:09022


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I Akansha Jaiswal, student of Post Graduate Diploma of Management from Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, during the academic year 2009-11, hereby declare that all the information, facts and figures mentioned in this project is actually based on my own study and knowledge. This project was done under the able guidance and supervision of Prof. Anita Singh who is my faculty guide and Mr. Bhaskar Senapati, H.R Department H.C.L Info System Noida in the partial fulfillment of the requirement for the Post Graduate Diploma In Management from Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad.

Furthermore, I confirm that the whole work is my own contribution and have not been taken from any sources. However, I have taken help from various sources on the Internet and journals available in my college library.

The inferences and conclusion of the study are subjected to the information gathered from various sources.


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This is to certify that the project report entitled Process of Recruitment and Selection procedure of H.C.L Info system made during the summer internship done at H.C.L INFOSYSTEM is a bonafide record of work done by Akansha Jaiswal, and has been submitted in the partial fulfillment of the requirements of Post Graduate Diploma In Management from Institute Of Management Studies, Ghaziabad, under my guidance with full honesty and integrity.

Prof. Anita Singh IMS, Ghaziabad


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Practical training imbibes an integral part of management studies. One cannot merely depend upon the theoretical knowledge. It is to be coupled with the practical for it to be fruitful. Classroom lectures make the fundamental concept of the students clear. But the industry exposure facilitate with the learning of practical things. However class lectures must be correlated with the practical training in the company, which has a significant role to play in the establishment of a Business Manager. To develop managerial and administrative skills in future mangers and to enhance their analytical skills, it is necessary that they combine their classroom learning with the knowledge of real business environment. After liberalization, Indian economy scene is really a buzz with activity. Lots and lots of multinational companies are coming in which their technical expertise and management concepts should be given way to be proved. Industrial activity in India has become a thing to watch and I really wanted to be a part of it, as it is essential for me being a management student. I found myself lucky to get done my summer internship in a brand name H.C.L Info System. I went 8 weeks training in its Sector-11 Noida. It helped me to get a practical insight into the actual business environment and provided me an opportunity to make my management concepts clearer. It is difficult to elaborate everything which I learned during the training however, I have endeavored to many comprehensive picture of details about working in the latter pages. I have accumulated the desired information through personal observations, interviews and study of documents.


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can make a simple expression of gratitude. It gives me great pleasure to express my gratitude and reverence to people who guided and supported me in the development of this project.. I would like to thank MR RK. BHARAHWAJ Director General of IMS Ghaziabad. And Prof Timira Shukla Chairperson of PGDM Ghaziabad for granting me the opportunity to complete the project. During this time many people have rendered me their precious time in valuable suggestion that were of great help. I confer very special thanks to our project guide Mr.Bhaskar Senapati (H.R. Department), my mentor Prof. Anita Singh, who gave us valuable guidance & help. . This report is result of efforts put in many people who contributed to it by offering valuable suggestions encouraging advices, constructive criticism and proper guidance. It was indeed a fruitful experience at HCL Info systems Ltd. I shall always be inspired by all that I have learnt and will strive to put it in practical use. Finally, last but not least my thanks to my parents for their boundless love and affection that they have molded on me in a manner that I can stride gracefully in this world with my head held high.

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Today, in every organization personal planning as an activity is necessary. It is an important part of an organization. Human resource planning is a vital ingredient for the success of the organization in the long run. The objective of Human Resource Department are Human Resource Planning, Recruitment and Selection, Training and Development, Carrier Planning, Transfer and Promotion, Risk Management, Performance Appraisal and so on. Each objective needs special attention and proper planning and implementation.

For every organization it is important to have a right person on a right job. Recruitment and Selection plays a vital role in this situation. Shortage of skills and the use of new technology are putting considerable pressure on how employers go about Recruiting and selecting staff. It is recommended to carry out a strategic analysis of Recruitment and Selection procedure.

With reference to this context, this project is been prepared to put light on Recruitment and Selection process at HCL Technologies. This report is divided into two phases to analyze how an employee is recruited at HCL Technologies. These two phases are sources of Recruitment (through Portals, Campus, Consultants, Reference, Advertisements, Walk ins, Talent Express, job fair) and Process of Recruitment that includes various elimination rounds of interview.

Table Of Contents Declaration.. I

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Certificate from the Faculty guide.. ii Certificate from the Company.... iii Preface iv Acknowledgement.. v List Of Tables..... vi List Of Figures...... vii Chapter No. 1 2 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Title Objectives Of The Study Literature Review Company profile Recruitment and selection an overview Recruitment and selection at HCL Research Methodology Data Analysis and Interpretation Conclusions Findings Page No. 10-11 12-13 14-24 25-36 37-43 44-49 50-64 65-66 67-68

Recommendations and Suggestions69-70 Bibliography.................................. 71 Annexure.. 72-75


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Hcl Info system chart Office automation spectrum Hcl infinet programme Joint venture Sources of recruitment Hcl info system ltd Sources of recruitment at Hcl Job Requirement Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Accurate and Up-To-Date Detail Sheet Job Description Recruitment Strategies Realistic and Accurate information Screening Procedure Curriculum Vitae Structured interview Set of Question Assessment Criteria Candidates feedback Front line Workers

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OBJECTIVE OF STUDYEvery research has some objectives, reasons behind the study conducted. Objectives can gives us a brief idea about the project report. The objectives behind this project are as follows: To study the different sources of Recruitment which are adopted in HCL Info systems Ltd.

To study different stages of recruitment process which led to selection of a candidate till an offer is made to them.

To understand what all Recruitment practices are being adopted so as to make the organization work well.

Scope of Study:

The scope of this study is to observe Recruitment & Selection Techniques adopted by the company. Apart from getting an idea of the techniques & methods in the recruitment procedures, a close loop will be taken at the insight of corporate culture prevailing in the organization. This would not only help to be familiar with the corporate environment but it would also enable to get a close loop at the various levels authority responsibilities relationship prevailing in the organization.

Scope of Project includes: -

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Study of importance of Recruitment & Selection process for an enterprise. Study of Recruitment & Selection practices at HCL Info systems Ltd.

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LITERATURE REVIEWThe literature review regarding various HR practices is presented in the following paragraphs. Job analysis is the process of obtaining information about jobs i.e. information about the tasks to be done on the job, as well as personal characteristics (education, experience, specialized training) necessary to do the tasks (Cascio 1998). Job analysis in many ways is the rst personnel activity that aects commitment and performance (Dessler 2003). Human resource planning analyzes and identies the need for and availability of hum