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<p>Welcome to Summer Internship Project Presentation Student: Pooja Singh Company: Bharti Airtel Location: Airtel Center, Gurgaon Duration:</p> <p>Agenda of Presentation1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.</p> <p>Introduction Objective and Scope of Summer Internship Airtel-Company Profile Study of Working Environment at Airtel Center Understanding Management Principle at Airtel Project Works at Airtel Conclusion</p> <p>Introduction (1/7)50 days training at Center, Gurgaon comprised 1. Induction at Enterprise. 2. Information of 12 different department at Airtel Center. 3. Allocation of Major Assignment of Study and Assessment of the 12 Departments. 4. Minor Assignment in the HR Department. 5. Report preparation and Submission.</p> <p>Objective aChoice of</p> <p>Sc pe f S mmer Internship (2/ )</p> <p>1. 2.</p> <p>Significance of Bharti Work Culture. Opportunity to work for diversified departments at Airtel Center.</p> <p>Objective: visit various departments to get acquainted with its functioning from the perspective of Marketing, Finance, HR, IT, Administration etc. Scope: After getting general background of the company, one needs to identify certain areas and understand the applications of management principles for those areas.</p> <p>Co</p> <p>any Profile (3/7)</p> <p>Promoter:</p> <p>Sunil Bharti Mittal is the Founder, Chairman and Group CEO of Bharti Enterprises. Bharti Airtel, the flagship group company, has a market capitalization of approximately US$ 25 billion Organization Structure</p> <p>Co</p> <p>any Profile Contd..HR &amp; Administration Legal &amp; Regulatory Supply Chain Management Corporate Audit Group Information Technology Marketing Network Technology and Project Finance</p> <p>Departments for study at Airtel Center.Business Head Sales Alliance and CSR Customer Service Delivery</p> <p>Study of Working Environ ent at Airtel Center.Departments ReportedSL. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Name of the Department Business Head HR and Administration Information Technology Legal and Regulatory Marketing Sales Network Technology and Project Supply Chain Management Alliance and CSR Customer Service Delivery Corporate Audit Group Finance Employee Contacted Mr. Vishwajeet Kumar Mr. Vijay Sheoran Mr. Paresh Nadkarni Mr. Ashish Ranjan Ms. Richa Singh Mr. Vishal Kumar Ms. Pooja Gupta Mr. Manish Khanna Mr. Harsh Suri Mr. Shashank Saurav Mr. Sharan Ashish Mr. Sumit Tiwary Designation Sr. Manager Sr. Manager Manager Manager Sr. Manager Sr. Executive Manager Sr. Executive Manager Sr. Executive Sr. Executive Sr. Executive</p> <p>Major Assign ent- to study and ark working of 1 de art ents at Airtel Center.Business Head Strategic planning for monitoring of the contracted services in the designated geographical area/circle Manage Budget control for the designated geographical area/circle, services and infrastructureStrategic planning for monitoring 10% establishing franchises network 20% Market plan execution monitoring 16% Manage Budget control 22%</p> <p>Chart Showing focus areascompetitor and market analysis 10%</p> <p>Manage Circle level organization 12%</p> <p>Co-ordination 10%</p> <p>Department StudiedHR and Administration</p> <p>Major Observations MadeRecruitment, Training and Development Handling contractual agencies Managing the Induction process</p> <p>Information Technology Department Manage (Outsourced) Service Operations O&amp;M responsibility of VAS Update Field/Site Record Legal and Regulatory Department Provide business laws consulting Drafting Review &amp; Negotiation Litigation &amp; Arbitration Competitor and market analysis Establishing franchises network Driving PR &amp; Sales Support</p> <p>Marketing Department</p> <p>Sales Department</p> <p>Setting up of Franchisee, Showroom Sales forecasting, Stock planning Promotional Expense &amp;romotional activities GPRS, MMS, SMS, Blackberry, Hello Tunes etc. Wire line, wireless, VSAT &amp; Internet Consulting, knowledge expertise System and procedures for effective inventory control Partnerships with suppliers; managing supplier Service, cost, delivery and quality norms Bharti Foundation Projects The Satya Bharti School Program Bharti Centre for Communication, Bombay</p> <p>Network Technology and Project Department</p> <p>Supply Chain Management Department</p> <p>Alliance and CSR Department</p> <p>Customer Service Delivery</p> <p>Customer Experience Management Managing Customer Service strategies Fraud Management for Post &amp; Prepaid customers Budgeting and MIS Reporting to Board &amp; Investors Investigate fraudulent cases Facilitate for Internal Process Audit</p> <p>Corporate Audit Group</p> <p>Finance</p> <p>Ensuring Payable accounting and Revenue calculation of Profitability in line with the pricing policy MIS of Collection, Payments &amp; Other Expenses</p> <p>Understanding of Manage ent Princi les</p> <p>Understood following Manage ent Princi le at Airtel1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.</p> <p>Enterprise Resource Planning at Airtel. Corporate Governance. IT Management. Vendor Management. Partnership Human Resource Committee. Audit Committee.</p> <p>Major Assign entRe ort on De art ent s Assess entGROUPS Grou A Tea Work, Leaders i , Quality of Work Productivity Grou B Tec nology Usage, Contribution of Co any s Revenue, Conflict and Negotiation Organisation Culture. Grou Planned Execution, Strategy, Service Level Guarrentee Innovation Grou Co unication and Control, Et ical and Environ ent Foundation, O erations Manage ent Organising and Staffing.</p> <p>Depart ents</p> <p>riteria and Scores (out of 5) Team Work Leaders ip3</p> <p>Re aks Productivity3 4 5 4</p> <p>Quality of Work3 4</p> <p>Business Head HR and Ad inistration Infor ation Tec nology Legal and Regulatory Marketing Sales Network Tec nology and Project Su ly Chain Manage ent Alliance and CSR Custo er Service Delivery Cor orate Audit Grou Finance</p> <p>4 3 4 5 4 3 4</p> <p>4 3</p> <p>3 3 4</p> <p>3 4</p> <p>5 5</p> <p>4 4</p> <p>5</p> <p>4</p> <p>1 4 3</p> <p>3 3 4</p> <p>4 3</p> <p>4 4</p> <p>4</p> <p>4 3</p> <p>Evaluation of De art ents done as followScores out of 80 units</p> <p>Learningy Sales, Marketing and SCM Department are best</p> <p>practice department in the organization. y Choice of functional criteria for department varies. y Interaction with various department provided in-depth knowledge. y Criteria for sample size selection for opinion.</p> <p>Minor Assign entPre aration for Interview SessionAssisted in conducting recruitment interview. Hands-on experience of interviews of candidates. Learning: Time Management Departmental Requirement /Vacancy prioritization. Steps of HR round, Technical/Functional Round, Negotiation. Selection Criteria Formulation</p> <p>Conclusiony Training provided insight in to a professional</p> <p>organisation, the learning was as good as a newly employed. y 12 different department were studied in detail to ascertain over all company functions. y Practical application of management principles learnt. y Hands-on experience of HR Department proved a very good learning.</p>